Rep. Van drew switches parties from Democratic to Republican

Oh gawd no not the laugh.

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Most of his staff has quit.

Trump doesn’t align with their values.

Good for them.

Working for van traitor would have been bad.


They have more integrity than diplomats and intelligence professionals who also don’t align with Trump POLICY.


I think the principles of most politicians allow them to get elected as a member of one party and then switch without the consent of the people that elected them because they’re more interested in keeping their jobs than anything else.

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No, most people vote party over person. When was the last time you voted for a Democrat?

Good move for him considering Obama destroyed the Democratic Party with his illegal spying on Trump.

Talk about undoing the results of an election. MOC shouldn’t be allowed to switch parties in mid-term. They should have to wait until the next election and switch then.

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He’s a politician they all lie and they like to keep their jobs.

Pretty much, I work in tech and as soon as something bad goes wrong the people that have known each other for 10 years all start throwing each other under the bus.

When was the last time one ran who wasn’t a whack job?

You’re proving my point.

No, seriously. What have you given me to vote for?

I don’t even know where you live, so I can’t answer that. But the fact that you think all Dems are whack jobs proves my point that people vote based on party rather than personality.

Nationally. I have no doubt there are some locals from some other state who would be fine.

I didn’t ask about the last time Guvnah voted for a Dem presidential candidate. I asked when he last voted for any Dem at any level. It should be an easy answer for someone who votes for people rather than parties.

There hasn’t been a Dem candidate (person) whose positions were preferable to his/her opponent (person).

Gone are the days of the Dem party having a guy like Zell Miller.

Whack Job. To a conservative it’s fact. There isn’t a single dem on my ballot that I could endorse because of the total leftism of them all. Every single one has had an opponent less whack than him/herself.

Right. Like most people, you vote for the party, not the person.

Exactly. Party first.

I have corrected you, and to repeat that is a deliberate lie, so don’t do that.