Rep. Van drew switches parties from Democratic to Republican

I’m sure he was well received by Democratic politicians since he increased their power.

Thank you. I appreciate facts. That plus 500 is statistically insignificant by the way. Are there any numbers on new voters? People turning 18 and people moving to/from the county?

Not surprising based on voting history.

100% NRA rating
Voted against control legislation after Sandy Hook (only Democrat to vote against)
Voted against same-sex marriage as a NJ state senator
Voted against raising state minimum wage as a NJ state senator
Supports removing environmental regulations and allowing increased pipeline placement

Seems like this was more of a means of improving his chances of re-election, based on his district. I guess that’s what it’s always about.

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Improved lol 100% gauranteed to win now.


Maybe. He won by less than initially expected last election, his district voted for Trump in 2016, and his constituents do not approve of the impeachment (just barely). Seems like his district consistently flips between Democrat and Republican.

Here’s another one. He’s switching to Independent and caucusing with the Reps.

This was last month but it shows that some of them are re-thinking where they stand.

Not sure I agree with the switching mid-way through either, but it is what it is.


Collective IQ of both parties just went up :wink:


Im sure they loved losing the SALT deductions when they did their taxes last year.

Party before principles?


Let’s not forget old Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords.

Jeffords served in the Senate from 1989 until 2007, winning reelection in 1994 and 2000. In 2001, he made national headlines when he left the Republican Party to become an independent, and began to caucus with the Senate’s Democrats. His switch changed control of the Senate from Republican to Democratic, the first time a switch had ever changed party control. During his Senate career,

Perfect example of why I don’t think you should be doing it midway through a term. I get wanting to switch if your agenda no longer fits your current party’s narrative, but just vote against your party in regards to bills etc.


Allegheny County looks like it has been moving more Democratic-leaning over the last several years.

Allegheny County:

2012 - Casey – +20.6%
2012 - Obama - +14.53%
2016 - Clinton - +16.46%
2018 - Casey – +33.15%

[quote=“SottoVoce, post:25, topic:223462”]
Seems like his district consistently flips between Democrat and Republican

Nah . It’s trumpland. The reason he was opposing SALT which his opponent wrote into law.

Van traitor will win for sure.


So what about jumping Jim jeffords.

You should have heard the r,s howling on that one.

It cuts both ways.


Very familiar with Van Drew’s district.
He has been in political office for many years, and it was predicted that he’d go for LoBiondo’s congressional seat because LoBiondo did nothing to cultivate Republican successors in the area, and Van Drew was the most known commodity in the area’s political landscape, and one who understood that he was in a pretty conservative district and could only win by positioning himself as a conservative democrat.

Then a few things happened: at the November 5th election, the two candidates he’d been cultivating - one for assembly, one for NJ state senate - both lost. In fact, every seat in the district went R. Then it’s been rumored that he may get a democrat primary challenge in '20. Meanwhile, the Republican party has been trying to cultivate a few candidates to mount a challenge for the congressional seat, but nobody’s emerging from the pack. Van Drew probably thinks that his name recognition gives him a better chance of defeating a Republican in the primary than winning a primary challenge in his own party. Despite the fact that cable media has been showcasing him as a conservative, the switch - if it is true that he’s switching - has more to do with political expedience than principle, IMHO. It will certainly get him a lot more of those cable news interviews he’s been doing lately.

Reminds me of JN 1:46.

… speaking for yourself, of course…

Good news.

I will laugh if he loses re-election.

The power of Trump compels.
It’s like pouring salt into their wounds.