Rep. Van drew switches parties from Democratic to Republican

“The president approached Van Drew about switching parties during a meeting Friday that was first reported by the Washington Post. The sources confirmed the meeting and that the freshmen lawmaker from the South Jersey district that voted for Trump in 2016 would be announcing a switch to the GOP sometime next week.”

Et tu brute. I supported van drew in 2018 and this is his answer.

Switch parties. Jeff van traitor.


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Anything for job security.


He pulled a Specter.


That ought to rustle a few jimmies.

He should have remained with the Democrat caucus. I mean, a vote on speaker isn’t going to recur before the next election anyway, so he wouldn’t be tested. And then he should have run as a Republican.
It wouldn’t make much real difference but it would look better, IMO.

I honestly don’t understand what you mean. Not the way it’s typed.

I think you’re going to see more and more Democrats jumping ship. The walkaway movement is real. Nobody wants to call themselves a Democrat anymore.


I like the timing.

The D have sunk to new lows.


Agreed, it’s unethical for any politician to switch parties mid-term. If you want to do it, you should get elected with your new party first.

I thought Republicans were against reversing election results?

Since you mentioned it. From today’s Pittsburgh paper.

“This isn’t your parents’ Democratic Party. It’s not yours,” the ad concludes, “and it’s time to think about what that means.”

To the local GOP, it means labeling the leftward shift in the Democratic Party a deal-breaker for everyday Americans and asking them to cross party lines.

As of Dec. 8, about 3,500 Democrats had switched their registrations to Republican this year in Allegheny County, boosting the GOP’s voter rolls to about 264,000 registered voters. There remains more than 550,000 Democrats here, as they, too, got more than 3,000 to cross over.

Mr. Peduto, whose statement in October opposing any additional petrochemical facilities in Western Pennsylvania was quoted in the advertisement, said that as Pittsburghers and Democrats, “we have a history and deeply held values in fighting for working people as well as protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink.”

“Donald Trump and the Republican Party are out of step with those values,” Mr. Peduto added. “No amount of name-calling will cover that up.”

Deeming Democrats beholden to the “socialist” wing of their party has been a familiar line of attack from Donald Trump. In an address to the Economic Club of New York in November, he accused Democrats of having a “radical agenda of socialism” that would destroy and over-regulate the economy, bankrupting America.

“As long as I’m President, America will never be a socialist country,” Mr. Trump said.

A net gain of 500 R switches in a blue stronghold of a swing state?

This is a very good signal.


It’s all election all the time now.

May as well embrace it.

Still the same person al la Snarlin Arlen Spectre.


That doesn’t make sense. Elections occur periodically, and in the last election, voters voted for the D but now they’ve got an R.

People vote for parties, not people. Arlen Spectre shouldn’t have switched either.

Politicians can and do switch.

People vote for party?

That is a sad way to vote. Probably does happen.

I just showed above that 6500 in Allegheny County in 2019 alone switched parties.


They shouldn’t switch mid-term, is the point I’m making. I didn’t say they didn’t do it.

Yes, almost always.

You prove my point. They switched because of party policy, not because of any specific person. Your post spells that out clearly.

When was the last time you voted for a Democrat?

Arlen Specter switched in 2009. Dems cheered him here.


Did you read the post you quoted? It said:

Easy to say that 10 years after the fact.

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Ah, so you’ve gone straight to making up a story about me supporting Arlen Specter ten years ago. Good talk.


That was the general sentiment at the time. He was well-received within the democrat circles.