Rep. Rashida Tlaib increasingly linked to anti-semites

Lol. And blacks were not second class citizens of American for many, many years.

Open your eyes.

Read what Arab Israelis have say about it.

Facts are facts.


And look how long that took for them to do that to king…

Re “the Jews in Israel are not true Jews, there may be a difference between the definition of who is a Jew per the Law of Return and halakhik law:

However, her association with those who demonize Jews; claim the Holocaust was exaggerated; and associate with individuals like Louis Farrakhan may prove far more problematic for Democrats.

Not a fact. What do you suppose would happen if the Palestinians declared peace on Israel? That’s pretty tricky, considering that they are taught to hate Israel and commit to it’s destruction from the time they are school kids. That is a fact.

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What about the Jews who live in Arab countries? How are they being treated?

They are none,. As Abbas said the moderate leader of Palestine “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli - civilian or soldier - on our lands,”.

I guess maybe they would be allowed to pay the “Jizya” tax and not be killed.

Israel needs to be removed from the map. NOT the people, just Israel.

Why is that, should Pakistan be removed as well they were both created in there current format at the same time after WW2.

No. Just Israel.

Interesting what would be the reason they were both created after WW2 mostly by the British who was losing its empire why should Israel go and not Pakistan?

Hey, I don’t really give a ■■■■■ You want Pakistan gone too, fine. But Israel should be removed from the map.

So no two state or three state solution, just get rid of the jews?

Diversity is our strength - see a strength. Alluh Akbar

Sorry it is an absolute fact.


How are Israeli’s treated in Palestine?

In Iran, pretty well. They are granted one seat in the legislature. Are allowed to worship freely.

Iran is not anti Jewish. It’s anti Israel. There is a difference.


You mean the ones in the illegal developments.


How many Jews are in the Gaza Strip and West Bank?

Many in the illegal settlements on the West Bank.


Hamas is Muslim. So, by your definition and logic, we’re all bigots for hating them.