Rep. Rashida Tlaib increasingly linked to anti-semites

There comes a point where plausible deniability starts to dissipate, I think we’re past that now.

This is going to be a real headache for Democrats. I believe some in the Democratic party are already getting worried about the drift away from a previously more pro-Israel party position as well.

She’s Palestinian, of course she isn’t going to like Israel.


It’s going a bit beyond that now.

As with Corbyn, associations become a pattern, and once the pattern becomes established enough the plausible deniability goes out the window.

“I didn’t know all these anti-semites I associated with were anti-semites” won’t get her very far. Because there will be more.

I dont know…till I see the gop fully push out king I’m not sure she will be…then again…dems tend to fold faster

Ya no surprises here, the other Jihadist congress woman (Omar) had kind words to say about Hamas while at the same time condemning Israel, so naturally the democrats elected her.

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Weak evidence.

Facebook group.

Key fundraiser is an anti-Semite.

What has she said about Israel

Can we at least get a quote from her instead of this innuendo.


The quote she got in trouble for already was using an anti-semitic trope. The old dual loyalties angle.

Now the outright anti-semites she’s associated with for some time are turning up.

These things start to add up. Watch.

King was more explicit, and he’s already been stripped of basically all his power at this point to be fair.

Democrats discussed censuring him, but decided against it due to the precedent it would set re: comments made when not on the floor.

Would be nice to see him gone though.

Tlaib hasn’t been as explicit yet, nor has she done it as many times as King has.

imo she’s associated with anti-semites for so long and likely absorbed some of the rhetoric/propaganda that it will leak out again eventually. A common problem with pro-Palestinian activists.

Is it possible to be anti-Israel and NOT be anti-Semitic?

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Of course.


Anti-semites do tend to mask their anti-semitism as anti-zionism however.

Just feels like the former is used loosely for anyone who says something negative about the state, and not nessessary Jewish people.

Sometimes, no doubt.

Engaging in anti-semitic tropes and associating with anti-semites doesn’t exactly engender much benefit of the doubt though does it.

I am wary of using these type of tenuous associations as evidence, a Facebook group and random video someone linked one day… I just don’t know.

I guess vetting fundraisers might be a thing, at least at some level of politics… but patrolling every post and vetting the history of all members of Facebook groups you join… hmmm…

Or Jews. That by definition makes her a bigot. She needs to be replaced by a non bigot in the next election. Agreed?

It’s more than just being in the same FB group, though. She explicitly thanked them—multiple times. It doesn’t seem like a case of very loose associations, but rather deeper than that.

Palestinians are treated as second class citizens of Israel. That is a fact.

so if a person doesnt like way that her relatives are treated by the state of Israel now she hates Jews.

seems to me there is a difference.


If you were the PM of Israel how would you handle the situation with Hamas? They have said on numerous occasions their aim is too remove all Jews from Israel. Or on the West Bank side with the so-called ‘moderate’ Abbas who famously said he didn’t want any “Filthy Jewish Feet” desecrating the holy sites.

What would be the plan?

I am talking about the palestians who are Israeli citizens.


No it’s not a fact.