Rep. Pocan: pull plug on ICE which now protects American Citizens from criminal illegal entrants

See Democrats Have ‘Abolish ICE’ Bill In Hand


House Democrats have prepared legislation to terminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

According to the Washington Post, Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Mark Pocan is the author of the “Abolish ICE” bill that would both pull the plug on ICE and promulgate another legislative body composed of legislators and immigration policy activists to consider how the federal government should assess and process illegal immigrants.”

This is sheer lunacy! Or perhaps Representative Mark Pocan wants to abolish ICE so criminal illegal entrants and MS-13 gang members can flourish in our nation’s inner cities and harass, murder, rape and inflict other abuses upon American Citizens.

Let us review some of the recent good work performed by our dedicated ICE officers:

ICE arrests 162 undocumented immigrants in Southern California operation

Jun 15, 2018

”Almost 90-percent of the undocumented immigrants arrested had criminal convictions. Some of the previous convictions included voluntary manslaughter, sexual assault against a child, assault against a peace officer, weapons violations, domestic abuse, DUI, and drug possession, ICE said.”

ICE Arrests Over 250 Immigrants In Florida Sweep

March 30th, 2018

”Of those arrested by ICE during the enforcement action, 99 had criminal records that included felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as 1st degree murder, attempted murder, vehicular manslaughter, rape, aggravated assault, attempted robbery, battery, burglary, child neglect, cruelty toward a child, domestic violence, drugs charges such as possession and trafficking, weapons offenses, abuse of the elderly.”

”Additional convictions included driving under the influence, fraud, harboring aliens, illegal entry and re-entry to the United States, resisting an officer, traffic offenses, trespassing and workman’s compensation fraud.”

ICE arrests 82 people during 5-day operation in Virginia and DC

April 5th 2017

”Of the 82 people arrested, ICE said 68 had previous criminal convictions for crimes like armed robbery, larceny and drug distribution. They said of the remaining 14, two of them had ties to the MS-13 gang, two had outstanding final orders for removal, three had overstayed their visas, one was wanted by a foreign law enforcement entity, one was a verified human rights violator, and two had pending local charges.”

ICE Agents Arrest 107 In Philly In National Immigration Sweep

September 29, 2017

”A spokesman says 35 of the 107 people arrested had criminal convictions, 18 have pending criminal charges, 15 had been previously deported and re-entered illegally and six were fugitives with final removal orders from a judge.”

ICE Arrests Dozens On Long Island In Latest Sweep

Apr 18, 2018

”ICE officers made the arrests across New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley over a six-day period that started on Monday, April 9. According to ICE, 16 people in Nassau and 21 people in Suffolk were arrested. All of the 225 people arrested were violating immigration laws, ICE says, and of them, more than 180 were convicted criminals or have charges pending against them. ICE said that 80 of them had been told to leave the country and didn’t, or had been previously deported and returned illegally.”

ICE makes 60 arrests in New Jersey during five-day span

April 24, 2018

”U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 60 people in New Jersey during a five-day span, authorities announced on Monday.

The operation that ended Friday focused on people convicted of crimes such as sexual assault, child abuse, domestic violence and DUI, ICE stated. Convicted criminals made up 80 percent of those arrested.”

The good citizens of Wisconsin need to rise up and shame Representative Pocan for abandoning them and embracing foreigners, who enter the United States illegally and cause social and economic unrest, while American Citizens are made into tax slaves to support the economic needs of these illegal entrants.


There is no better way to weaken, destroy and subjugate a prosperous and freedom loving country than by importing the world’s poverty stricken and criminal populations into that country and making the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such an invasion.

I thought for sure our Democrat posters would, by now, acknowledge the good work ICE does and tell their lunatic party members, which includes Representative Pocan, to rub their absurd Bill on their chest.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.

Good. This is the basis for a great commercial to use against the Democratic party in the next election.

What does ICE do that’s so important?

In another thread on this subject I said Pocan is my dumbass Congress representative, and I strongly disagree with this and have called and written him to let him know. As I have about other subjects numerous times.

Our Senator Tammy Baldwin disagrees with him.

It’s absolutely saddening that Democrats in Congress and those running for office are too invested in having open borders so as to recruit new democrat voters, that they prefer to attack ICE rather than give them credit for the good work they are doing, especially in ridding our nation’s inner cities of illegal entrant criminals and MS-13 gang members who prey upon American citizens.


If we can make 51 percent of America’s population dependent upon the federal government for its subsistence, we can then bribe them for their vote, keep ourselves in power and keep the remaining portion of America’s productive population enslaved to pay the bills ____ Our Socialist Fifth Column open border leaders’ long term strategy

Did you read the OP?


The primary function of a Supreme Court Justice is to be obedient to the text of our Constitution, and give effect to its documented legislative intent which gives context to its text.

Can’t the police do that?

Get rid of it. We already had agencies that dealt with immigration.

I mean hell how many different policing agencies to we need? Now that ICE is going full Staatssicherheitsdienst it needs to go.

Nope. Police can’t inquire about immigration status.

These guys have other crimes the police can act on. Checking immigration status is a waste of time if the guy has a warrant for attempted murder.

You asked what does ICE do. I referenced the opening post which gives various examples.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.

I asked “What does ICE do that’s so important?”

If they’re just doing police work, then their importance is questionable.

I thought the democrats wanted to abolish the police as well… BLM at least…

ICE are not the police.

Sure. But when police tried to enforce immigration laws, you guys had a cow over it. Just be honest and admit you don’t want anyone enforcing immigration laws. :roll_eyes:

Yeeep nobody was enforcing immigration laws before ICE lolz.

Your reading comprehension sucks. I literally just said they were. :roll_eyes:

There are a number of examples given in the opening post. Unlike local police departments, ICE is federal and is not restricted by state jurisdictional limitations. Its investigatory and policing powers transcend state borders and why it is effective in tracking down illegal criminal entrants who move from state to state.


American citizens are sick and tired of being made into tax-slaves to finance the economic needs of millions of poverty stricken, poorly educated, low and unskilled aliens who have invaded America’s borders.