Rep. Matt Gaetz introduces His Son

So Florida Representative used Twitter to introduce us to his son.

So, anyone else find it odd Gaetz has been living with an unrelated teen boy for 6 years?

And don’t they look more like the same age?

Why now?

This seem weird.

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27 year old single guy adopting a 12 year old Cuban boy.

It tracks.


Need more background


Obviously he is trying to get ahead of something.


Google Matt Gaetz.

You will find the background soon enough. :smile:

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I will give a clue.

Committee shouting match.

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Eh, if he really did raise an adopted immigrant child as a single dad, good for him


This led to Gaetz trying to prove that he had a son. Then ■■■■ just got real weird.

Katie Hill, the Democrat who just had to leave congress in a scandal, is actually a friend of Gaetz. She says he loves his son and has raved about him privately for years.

Which is nice thing to do, take a kid in. Good on Gaetz. If this turns out sinister so be it, for the time being this is a good deed and it is the first thing I have admired about him.


Thanks for posting that. That’s good to know.


I’ll say.

Sorry mate but that entire situation is just creepy. He preciously referred to his adopted son as his helper.

I have a feeling this is going to backfire spectacularly on Gaetz.


Dunno, I will take him at his word. Until proven otherwise. Katie Hill seems to know the situation well and she supports him in this. That is good enough for me. There are lots of other reasons to fault Gaetz I don’t need to be inventing stuff.


I am not inventing anything just giving my opinion.

I completely respect where you are coming from.

You have my respect as well. To me, I have to resist piling on when I genuinely don’t like someone. You can lose objectivity and become someone you would rather not be.

So I resist the urge to assume the worst at all times. Maybe Gaetz is a nicer person than what we see on TV, maybe this kid is important to him. Who knows? But I prefer a world where even the nastiest person can do something wonderful.


And now I feel like a terrible human being.

■■■■■■■ hannity posters making me think. LOL.


Best thing I’ve seen all week.

The problem, to me, is Gaetz trotting this whole thing out like some big gotcha, as if he’s been waiting for just the right political moment for 6 years to show the world that he’s dad of the year or something.

Gaetz brought up the “son” he “raised” as some counterpoint to what Rep. RIchmond making. Rep Richmond even directly said “…if one of 'em happens to be your kid, I’m concerned about him too” regarding non-white people being killing by law enforcement in the streets.

It seems that a guy with Gaetz’s sordid past would have had a lot harder time “adopting” a kid, from a different country.

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He rpreviously referred to his son as his intern or something, on twitter.

He doesn’t mention him on his official page.

I guess stranger things have happened.

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Yes- this is what I am thinking, too. There is something odd about this whole thing- and I am not implying anything sexual.

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