Rep. Ilhan Omar engages in some anti-semitic tropes

Only been like a week or two since Rep. Tlaib did something similar.

Democrats will need to address this head on if they don’t want to risk losing Jewish voters in the long term, if they let it slide it will keep happening.

Good news is that some are already calling her out:

Not exactly surprising. That’s the norm from Muslims and Palestinians rather than the exception.

I honestly don’t see why it is particularly anti semetic.

I’m shocked that a Muslim isn’t a big fan of Israel.

Really? It’s the same thing we hear repeated constantly by Jew Hating White Nationalists.

The assertion is that the Jews through AIPAC control the congress.

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If someone argues that they are paid off by pharma lobbyists no one says that they are anti medicine.

Big pharma doesn’t represent a race, religion, or ethnic group.

I don’t see why that matters.

One is racist and corrupt, the other just corrupt.

Good point.

It’s an old, old trope. Jews buying Govt control, being international puppet masters etc etc.

You see a lot of the same tropes and memes aimed at Soros.

That has nothing to do with his religion or ancestry and in his case it’s true.

It’s literally the same thing.

You have a blind spot there.

If you come in wagging your finger at anti-semitic language from Omar et al, you haven’t got a leg to stand on if you’re not willing to do the same to those who engage in exactly the same anti-semitic language aimed at Soros.

No it isn’t. He’s being criticized fairly and accurately for his actions, it has zero to do with his heritage or religion.

The fact he is of Jewish heritage is not a shield against criticism for his actions.

He’s not doing anything “for Jews” he’s doing it all for personal gain and power.

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Again, that’s a hell of a blind spot.

You can rip the allegations against him right out of the protocols of the elders of zion.

Look familiar?

Facts of his life, not just “allegations”. That’s the difference.

Being of Jewish Heritage, or being a practicing Jew is not a shield against criticism for a person’s actual actions.

Ah, so that cartoon for example isn’t anti-semitic then?

What was the intent of the author, to disparage Jews, or to attack Soros personally for his actions? Is he wearing for example a Yamika or Star of David in the picture?

Being of Jewish ancestry does not make every criticism of the individual’s actions about his heritage.

I don’t either. I’m confused and must be missing something. @MoleUK what am I missing here brother? Is criticizing the actions, perceived or otherwise, of a Jewish group automatically anti-semitism?

And Sheldon Adelson isn’t?