Rep. Ilhan Omar engages in some anti-semitic tropes

He’s supporting her contention that republicans are bought and paid for by AIPAC putting Israel and Jews over Americans (non Jewish).

Adelson isn’t doing it solely for his own benefit. He believes that Republicans and Libertarians have the best policies for the country.

Me neither.

That’s not what the retweeted post says to me at all. But I’m not looking for anti-semitism or racism or any other “ism”.

Hogwash. It is 100% for his own personal benefit. He believes the GOP is the best chance he has to limit or restrict online gambling, which personally impacts his bottom line.

It is amusing watching people suggest Soros and Adelson are not one in the same, and all because of the different sides of the aisle. If ever a display of partisanship was exampled, these would take the cake. :rofl:

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I get that it can taken in a way that might be construed as anti Semitic.

The intent may not be anti Semitic but it can come across as such.

I understand that argument and see some validity in it.

But it could also be along the same lines as kneeling during the National Anthem is seen as an affront to the military when the intent of that act has nothing to do with it.

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I recognized where the argument is coming from.

That doesn’t mean I agree with it in every instance.

Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. It just seems like you have to really divine quite a bit from very little to arrive at the conclusion.

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Regardless of this one incident, she’s just getting started and me thinks that before it’s over, she’ll talk herself right out of her job.

Show otherwise.

anti-AIPAC is NOT anti-semitic.

Just a golden goose for some dems and reps.

Glad my rep (Tom Malinowski doesnt take PAC money)

too bad Citizens United went against the good guys.


Claiming AIPAC is part of the Jewish Conspiracy controlling our congress most certainly is.

Claiming that those members who attend their functions and take their money put Jews and Israel over the good of the US most certainly is.

you are 100% correct. funny how DOJ interpreted the wire act one way until Adelson got involved.


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where is that that quote. I missed it.

all PACS are bad. ALL.

they all influence congress votes.

Hopefully Omar didnt take PAC money which would make her a hypocrite.

However PAC money do influence politicians votes.

to suggest otherwise is folly


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No thanks. Objective reality is on my side. There is no convincing people who don’t want to see reality for what it is.

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Exactly. They wanted those campaign dollars freely flowing so they changed their interpretation to benefit Big $$$.

Jersey and Pennsy FOIA’d the DOJ regarding this action.

“The Tuesday FOIA request is seeking any documents that might reveal whether Adelson had a hand in the decision, and includes requests for records that contain any combination of the phrases “Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling, Las Vegas Sands, the Lincoln Group, Sheldon Adelson, Blanche Lincoln, Charles Cooper,” and “Darryl Nirenberg.””


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Because Republicans like big pharma. Not allowed to say anything disparaging about Big Pharma.

There are 29 pro-Israeli PACs.

Open Secrets, a project of the Center for Responsive Politics, points out, “Few lobbies dedicated to international issues are so active and well-financed as the Israel lobby.”

Next thing we will be calling Open Secrets anti-Semitic.


Here’s a great thread:

TL;DR: It’s not anti-Semetic to say money plays a part in pro-Israel sentiment among US politicians, but to imply that it’s the only reason is, at best, flirting with anti-Semetic tropes.