Remember when global warming was the biggest threat?

Concerns about the environment appear to be pushed to the back burner as Europe faces a worsening energy crisis. The crisis as a result of NATO’s sanctions war with Russia. Russia formerly supplied 40% of the natural gas imports to the EU along with a large portion of European oil needs.

As a result of the crisis, Europe is using much more coal, which is increasing levels of air pollution and CO2 emissions.

European forests are being cut down for firewood.

Emissions related to shipping oil and gas are way up as pipelines are replaced with fleets of overseas tankers and LNG carriers. In the case of LNG, much of it is coming from China, but its ultimate origin is Russia. Europe ends up burning Russian gas but at 10 times the price and higher carbon emissions.

The crisis is only going to get worse as winter weather arrives. Even with the extra coal, firewood, and hyper-expensive LNG imports, cold homes and rolling blackouts are looming.

The Annalena Baerbock, German minister and green party leader, has been leading the charge for a self-imposed embargo on energy imports from Russia. She makes it clear that winning the war in Ukraine trumps everything else:

“We stand with Ukraine as long as they need us,” she said, adding that this promise to the Ukrainian people must be fulfilled “no matter what my German voter thinks.”
German Govt Will Support Ukraine 'No Matter What Voters Think'

Has defeating Russia replaced global warming as the crisis-de-jour?

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–George Carlin


Yes, ironically German environmentalists are driving the country towards cold, dark homes and sooty cities.

Firewood and coal can only partially replace the huge hole left by the lack of clean Russian gas.

I would not be surprised to see a large number of Germans heading south for the winter. It may be cheaper to rent a place in southern Spain than to heat their homes in Germany.


I think the same can be said for their virtue signaling on immigration.

And pretty much everything else.


Dystopian failed states abound. Pol Pot-ish.

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The question is just how far the German government will go to ignore German voters.

Critprogs never consider the consequences of their virtue tantrums. They just flit from virtue signal to signal.

Children throwing tantrums.

They believe all change is “progress”. The basic difference with conservatives is that the latter advocates reasoned change. Consider the consequences, be measured.

“Democratic Socialism” is no different.

“We want it and we want it now!”

“The people flooding in here illegally are fleeing it, it doesn’t work.”

“They did it wrong! The US interfered! We’ll do it right!”

The mindset goes all the way back to at least Marx. It doesn’t work because it defies human nature. Which means it will never work. It’s not sciencey, it’s emotional.


As far as it takes. Bureaucracrats are incapable of admitting they are wrong or changing course. They cling to their beliefs with a religiosity, a fervor, a zealotry that makes the Taliban pale in comparison. They don’t think they are right, they KNOW they are right.

Bitter clingers indeed.


Human beings are incredibly shortsighted.

Film at 11.

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The sanctions war and the resulting energy crisis may be used as a pretext to return to COVID-style lockdowns and even more censorship.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Environmentalists are interested in “a clean place to live.” How unreasonable of them! :rofl:

Let’s not just throw that semicolon out the window here. There’s another active conversation going on about college education. :rofl:


Priorities sometimes change.

Not really.

The model does not yet exist where humans will sacrifice now to counter some threat in the future they cannot see, and where the benefits will accrue not to them, but to future progeny.

It just doesn’t happen.

Yes, everyone works for their own self interests. Literally everyone. Environmentalists are not altruistic, they believe a clean habitat is in their self interest.

Carlin’s quote is contradictory. “Environmentalists don’t give a ■■■■ about the planet,” and they want “a clean place to live; their own habitat.” Did Carlin think environmentalists lived on another planet?

They want their own clean habitat to live in. Very clearly spelled out. Nothing else matters except what inconveniences them.

That’s why today’s libs don’t give a ■■■■ about their entire material lives coming from slave labor in the land that pollutes more than anyone. :wink:


Nobody does.

The system is set up so we don’t have to see it, and so therefore don’t have to think about it.

Generate and consume a ■■■■■■■■ of energy here to create order…expel the entropy elsewhere in areas and on groups far away.

It’s not a Lib/Con thing…it’s a human thing.

Libs talk about the environment but ignore the slave labor and pollution in China.

Cons call Libs stupid and hypocritical, but the desire to keep illegals out is to make sure the entropy doesn’t creep back into our home here.

Same desires…different ways of expressing it.

Dissipative structure.

Go piss down someone else’s leg with that BS. :rofl:


Whenever you cut out all the context of the posts I make…I will accept your surrender.

Sounds like environmentalists and “libs” are just like everyone else, then.