Remember the FOXCONN factory in Wisconsin......the one where Trump and Walker broke Ground

The devil is always in the details.


Walker sucks.

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I read this last night and thought it was interesting. Doesn’t seem to be covered anywhere else and I fully expect it’ll be ignored by the right wing who celebrated the deal in the first place.

This was my favorite quote:

Some doubt the subsidy will ever actually be recouped. “Realistically, the payback period for a $100,000 per job deal is not 20 years, not 42 years, but somewhere between hundreds of years and never,” wrote Jeffrey Dorfman, an economics professor at the University of Georgia, in a story for Forbes . “At $230,000 [or more] per job, there is no hope of recapturing the state funds spent.” And this was before the subsidy had risen to $4.1 billion, or about $315,000 per job.

Subsidized to a tune of $315,000 a job. Sign me up.

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i dont see whats wrong, just another Republican success story

Can we put this story into the category of stories that don’t get reported by the MSM? I heard that happens a lot.

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Wonder when walker will get put on teh board of Foxconn.

is this a story that Rush and Fox will spend the same amount of time on as they did previously?


It has a habit of turning out this way with deals with the Chinese Govt. Can pretty much ask any African nation or developing country who has accepted these “deals” on that subject.

Local politicians make out like bandits in the short term, then the fine-print gets read.

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India got crapped on by FOXCONN.

At least Walker and trump were not the only “music manned”


don’t worry they still plan to build a factory, just need more money from the government 4.1 billion form the government wasn’t enough :laughing:

I’ve said this before, and I know I’ll say it again. ANY subsidy by a state government should be over a number of years (Utah does 20 to 25 years) and ONLY if they meet benchmarks in job creation and wages paid. Utah got burned by paying up front. Law was changed and many companies have failed to meet the benchmarks and have failed to get their subsidy. Funny thing is, they didn’t go out of business.

Foxconn wanted to setup a factory in the US? Interesting.

I am shocked that this thread is languishing.

Any way there is some more news about this incredible deal that will bring tons of good American jobs.

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Already the paper industry in the Wisconsin Fox Valley is asking for a FoxConn level goody package or they are threatening to leave. Who couldn’t predict that happening?

A Republican hurried out to ask the WI legislature to quick draw up a goody package for the paper companies, but of course they shut him down till “after the election”.

This FoxConn giveaway is not popular in the rural and small town areas.

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Damn. Beat me to it. You forgot the exclamation points

wow. that’s crazy.

Guaranteed this taxpayer boondoggle played a large part in Walker’s election night schlonging.


Foxconn: well work you to death and make sure you cant commit suicide to ease your suffering.

Honestly, Walker being ousted was really the highlight of the evening for me.

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