Remember it was supposed to only be TWO WEEEKS?

They sold the shutdown on it was to “Flatten the curve”…and it would be for “ONLY” 2 weeks…

Well, the “Curve” was flattened 2 months ago…

NOW it’s just about POWER & seeing just how far they can push us.

All these Governor’s are just on a POWER TRIP now, & it’s crap!

This is crushing the middle class & small businesses while the Walmart’s, lumber yards, & 40% of businesses are allowed to open but nobody else.

ALL businesses ARE essential. ALL jobs ARE essential.

This is insane, & pushback is in order. If we don’t take back our freedom we are cowards & sniveling, groveling, nail biters.

This is NOT the bubonic plague, it has a 1/2 of 1% death rate, of course that’s not being reported. If this had a 20% death rate we wouldn’t need a forced shutdown we would just do it.

This is NOT about this virus, it’s about POWER.


“They” was President Trump.

And that timeline was never realistic.


Nobody with credibility said “2 weeks”. Curve is not flattened. Great thread.


I actually DON’T remember anyone saying that the lockdown was only supposed to last two weeks.

Trump was wrong on this shutdown.

The shutdown was unrealistic. Never should have happened.

I don’t know how you missed that.

The TRUMP Administration’s first slogan was “15 Days to Stop the Spread”.

The OPer is forgetting it was TRUMP’S Administration that put that out…no one else.

And no one thought it was a realistic goal at the time.

When things can disappear down the Memory Hole after only two months…it is truly scary.


as soon as i heard they were going to shut down society i knew it would not end soon

but then as a mere thinking man, i know how the destructive power mad left works

now you do too


Will you be on the front lines of this pushback? What actions will you take?

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Think a bit more critically, and you’ll see how destructive power-mad Trump has been working since day one.


iT’s aLL tRuMp’S fAuLt!!!



That explains why I don’t remember anyone saying it: I don’t pay attention to Trump.


26 red states open and 24 blue states shut. Nahhhhhhhhhh…this isn’t political. That…or it proves that the lib way, is…the wrong way or…a combination of both?


Opening your business to provide for your family is grounds to separate you from your children but not if you cross the border illegally. If ya don’t believe me, ask a lib?


Got anything to back up that assertion? Because it’s simply not true

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Amazing, isn’t it?

in rebuilding the economy, securing our border, lowering taxes, helping veterans, strengthening our military, putting Americans first…

mad i tells ya. MAAAD


I don’t remember anyone saying two weeks and we’re clear in my state government. I do remember hearing that this was going to go on for a MINIMUM of 6 weeks. We are on week 8 right now and things are starting to look pretty good except for the protesters screaming about muh freedumb.


Well thats not true at all. Like not even close. (CO reopened April 27th with a Dem. OH is not until May 29th, Repub). But thats cute that you jumped to that.
Also - My VA gov never said 2 weeks -in fact when he first announced lock down it was until June 10th. He ended it almost a month early for most of the state. (Dem)
So fail on you and the OP.


What even more amazing is that we’re the ones that are gullible “sheep”