Remember Hillary's Russian "Overcharge" Button?

That’s right, the naïve, childish idea of a reset button, then on top of it the incompetence of misspelling “Reset”, it actually read “Overcharge” …

The Russians probably laughed at her & Obama all the time. No wonder they didn’t fear taking over Crimea!

Their rein was nothing but kooky, shameful, & ignorant, the apology tour, the “Make America Irrelevant” attitude, promising to Putin he would have “More flexibility” after his re-election, constantly putting down the United States, Obama calling himself a citizen of the world, drawing a red line & not backing it up.

Then the Iran nuclear deal, leaving the war too early & allowing ISIS “JV Team” to take over much of the middle east, allowing the Taliban to make a huge comeback in Afghanistan, abandoning South Sudan with the following genocide/ethnic cleansing, sullying relationships with Israel, embracing the communists in Cuba, failing the movement in Iran to remove the mullahs, causing the collapse of Libya, making way for chaos & terrorists, paying $5 billion & releasing 5 top terrorists for a deserter, paying tribute to the Japanese in Hiroshima on memorial day, & paying a planeload of billions in cash to Iran!

It’s really rich now how democrats are demanding Trump to get tough with Russia, now isn’t it?


Yep… the Obama administration mishandled a lot of parts of the Russia situation. That is a valid criticism of his foreign policy.

Because Obama screwed up… why give Trump a pass?


Perhaps after Hillary is dead for 50 years, GOPers will stop talking about her.


No, you missed the point. The democrats failed & whimped out over & over, now they are hypocritical in demanding Trump get tough.

As for giving Trump a pass, for what? His sanctions? Him killing 250 Russian troops in Syria? Talking to Putin?

I see nothing wrong with any of those, especially him going to talk to Putin. Not that long ago the dems wanted trump to meet with him, made it a point in the election campaign.

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If you see that Trump’s policy towards Putin and Russia is a ok… then good on ya.

Trump has hinted that he may recognize Russia’s claim on Crimea. If he does so, is that being tough on Russia?

How can you not? She keeps injecting herself into everything, SHE won’t go away, won’t shut up, & continually trashes republicans. She writes books, travels all over the world complaining, crying, & blaming others for her loss, & in general keeps herself on the front page.

She doesn’t want anyone to leave her be.

He hinted that huh? Really?

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If you say so. I haven’t seen anything from Clinton in months. Must be the news sources I use that are not called Breitbart, Conservative Treehouse, Inforwars, etc.

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Yes… he did.

It was at the G7 meeting.

The same meeting where he said that Russia should be allowed back to make it the G8 again.

I just read several articles on it, it’s leftist news outlets using anonymous sources, AGAIN.

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She just was on national TV yesterday, trash talking republicans & basically getting ready to run for President again for a 3rd loss.

One can believe the sources or an administration that lies to you every day and twice on Fridays.

Your choice.

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Ok… I saw the national news with her on it talking to a crowd. I guess I can’t believe my own eyes & ears!

Every one of those news sources was leftist news. Every one of them said it was anonymous sources.

Trumpists have no spine or cornerstone beliefs

“Now” I’m going to guess is because she said that before we knew Russian Intelligence officers hacked into our computer systems to influence the elections. Time is a difficult concept, I know. But hey if you guys want to lower your bar to the standard of Hillary, then lol

She’s not forcing you to let her live rent free in your head

Seriously, the only time I hear about her anymore is from hard rightwingers on this board

It really would be nice though if she crawled into some hole to be never seen again. It bothers me that she still exists in the world.

Maybe we can get her on one of those Mars mission colonies that some people are planning. Of course, even then she’d probably still find some way to get people’s attention.

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She has a PAC and everything and she is practically advertising for another Presidential run and the Dems and MSM definately want to downplay that!