Red Hen Owner Contined Protest at Restaurant Across Street

Sanders and husband went home. Rest of party went to restaurant across the street.

The Red Hen owner followed the party across the street to another restaurant and protested them there.

She is barely a 2. There is no way anyone would want to look at that face while eating…

outrage that someone called her out on her lies.

I don’t really care. Do U?


I think Mike Cluckabee is lying.

Yeah, without evidence, I’m going with a lyin’ Mike.

I call ■■■■■■■■ on this addition to the story.

Who gives a toss if sanders was asked to leave a restaurant and why the hell is the President tweeting about this?

It’s a complete non story.

Yeah, you also support the physical harm that is going to follow?

Who’s going to get physical? I don’t see why you assume things will get violent.

Really? You’re not watching the news. Maybe Steve Scalise can fill you in or Florida AG Bondi.

And things are bad enough that those in the Trump administration are arming themselves.

We shouldn’t be allowed to peacefully protest government officials because some crazy person might do something crazy?

It’s not just crazy libs. There are plenty of crazy cons out there doing crazy things. We should focus on how we can keep those people away from dangerous objects.

Do what you want.but this is not protesting. It’s flat out harassment. There is a difference. …

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Fair enough. Tensions are really high right now, but for good cause. However, I don’t condone violence or threats of violence from either side.

Ends justify means if a drama has been properly rendered through the optics of the corporate media.


Is there any real evidence this happened, or typical fake news from the right?

Mike Huckabee is the source, so totally legit!

Didn’t he like, two days ago, make a very racist tweet claiming Nancy Pelosis cabinet was MS13?

Why should I beleive a word he says?

This is by far the most divisive presidency ever…


We’re you asleep during the Obama’s years?

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