Red Flag Laws. Here’s what will happen

Man it happens all the time here in King county by random homeless. To me the only thing that has happened is homeless sleeping on my deck or front yard. Quite a few of my neighbors have been broken into at least three in one week and two were at home when it happened.

People think this won’t happen when we already “swat” each other over video games?


If mental health is of so great concern; are you advocating for universal health care? If that is available people will be able to get help irrespective of their socio-economic circumstance.

I think those that play violent video games should all be flagged.


Define “help”.

Giving them pills and sending them home seems to be working swimmingly.


I don’t see why it would, and I’m pretty dang cynical…………….

Connecticut has had red flag laws for like twenty years…….

Indeed I have heard a similar sentiment expressed by one of the lawyers on Fox News.

I shouldn’t say this, but it’s a fact that the most likely scenario where we hear that is in relation to a young black man getting a beat down by police.

I thought his second amendment rights were going to keep the government from coming to take his guns? Is this an example of how it didn’t work?

Hey, you know all those restrictive abortion laws various states have passed recently? And how when someone brings up a worst case scenario conservatives say “Aw, that’ll never happen!”? That’s the track we should take with this. It ain’t never gonna happen. Well, until it does…

Fine, I’ll run him over with my ATV instead (that’s proverbial for you loonies out there). lol

Take him seriously, not literally.

Some live in better neighborhoods than others.

Good post.

This could get me on a list.

And it happens over and over again.

Oh you betcha.

Comrades, you must report suspicious behavior by you neighbors, friends and family members for the good of the state! If you see or hear something, say something!

Where have I heard that before?


Guy didn’t become irate until they told him they were there for his guns.

Unless it’s minority or Muslim…then you’re racist bigot for reporting em.