Recreational Marijuana Going Legal in Michigan

I’m delighted for the residents of Michigan! Seems to me if they can get something with more potential for harm, like cigarettes and alcoholic beverages in any of the 50, they should be able to buy weed that way, too.

What do you guys think?

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weed has been legal in Canada for like a year? I hardly noticed a difference society has yet to collapse.


Yup, it’s been legal in Massachusetts for awhile now, recreational use more recent.

That’s a benefit to living here.

It’s going to be on the ballot in jersey in 2020.

Because the state cant figure out how to make it legal without voters consent.


Within 5 years, it will be legal, nationally.

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I agree it should be legal everywhere for recreational usage. I can’t believe it’s still not there yet honestly.

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but it was going to collapse before it was legalized?

Need it legalized to get this black market vaping crap off the streets.

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finally more mind altering drugs on the street

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i think just because cigs and booze are legal doesnt mean everything else should be

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No one is asking for “everything else” to be, just marijuana.

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not yet

there are those already calling for legalizing heroin, cocaine, etc.,

you know, “progress”

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No there isn’t.

there quite is

go out and get knowledge

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No there isn’t, no more so than any fringe ‘libertarian’” movement that has no traction.

Marijuana was accepted by society a long long time ago, that decision is long passed.

BuT iT is A gAtEwAy DrUg!

Got any more silly points?


I’m all for legalizing every drug there is. What you put into your body is of no concern to me. If you get yourself killed because you got high and stupid, it’s of no concern to me either.


again, there is. not sure why the denial.

i am wondering what you mean by “marijuana was accepted by society”

There is no push to legalize other drugs that has ever gained any traction. Stop making stuff up.

i did not make that case