Record cold in the Midwest


When those so called “Scientists” are funded by Liberals, I find it a little hard
at times to believe them, and that their so called “Facts” aren’t going to be Extremely
if not entirely Skewed/Tainted. Nice try though.


In my state we had like 2 inches of snow or 3 the other day.

Statistically and mathematically the myth of “Global Warming” would
tell Liberal people in my state about how it should be warm this time
of year, but for some reason it’s very cold? lol.


I’ll ask Cratic again…why were the graphs changed?


It’s April, and it snowed here a couple of days ago.

Yep, global whining, definitely real! lol.


About to be May, and still isn’t that warm out on a regular basis.

Stupid Global Whining!


It’s warmer than usual almost all over the world

Once again you are wrong.


Are we talking one day, or within the past year, or even past several months?
The past several months, and past year have been pretty cold overall.

Do you not go outside ever? Or are we talking about Liberal fake Statistics
where they falsify the information intentionally and enjoy tainting the numbers
by a point here and there. Don’t u worry though, they do it to where it’s barely noticeable, but all those tainted numbers add up in the end in Democrats Favor, making the Myth of Global whining look more convincing.

The mouse eats the Cheese, The Cat eats the mouse, The dog eats
the Cat, The Wolf eats the dog, but who eats the Wolf?
I do! I do


Bold statement. What’s your evidence?


If I go outside, it tells me about my local area which is a teeny tiny portion of the entire planet.


2019 from January through April recently was warmer globally than January through April of 2018. According to satellite data, January through April of 2018 was 0.26 Celsius above the 1981-2010 global average while January through April of 2019 recently was 0.38 Celsius above the 1981-2010 global average. Link


This post is so insane. I love it!


That is not the same thing as saying that it was “warmer than usual almost all over the world.”

Do you know what global average means?


Global Whining is very real.

However, the myth of Global Warming is simply just that. A myth made up
by the far Left Insanos in the brainos of this country. lol.


I hope that it stays warm out on a regular basis.

It’s May already, and this Global Whining is burning me up!


Libs and their fancy science fail again!


Oh look… " May snowstorm breaks 117-year-old record in Minnesota"

And those poor wine makers in Italy

" As frost and snow returned unseasonably late to swathes of the north, winemakers sought to protect their vines from subzero temperatures, which can wipe out tender new growth where grapes are just starting to emerge."


The things like the myth of “Global Warming” and the other things that Fake
News Makes up, and Liberal Politicians and strategists of Libs make up
to push on their followers and say is “Science” and yet can constantly be
contradicted are a joke.

I’m guessing that Liberal Fake News says that things like Aliens landing on
the Earth is “Scientific” also. lol. Even though once again, it’s merely speculation,
and it’s more like a Conspiracy theory, that doesn’t have any actual proof behind it.
Just opinions pushed on people by Fake News, and made up stories by
people with issues in the head. lol.


It hasn’t been cold for the past few months at all. In fact in January this year we had 20 days hotter than 30 degrees C and 3 above 40 C.


There is a reason that the environmentalists changed the name of the HOAX of “Global Warming” to “Climate Change”, so that way they can work both angles of the politicizing the weather! Either way blazing hot or freezing cold, they can keep the SCAM going!

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They are not politicising the weather. We will have a change in government this Saturday and one of the major contributing factors will be that we Australians want action taken on climate change.