Record cold in the Midwest

Gosh, so Chilly. How can this be? Smashing records across the Midwest.

“An entire generation has gone without by without experiencing this type of cold in the Chicago area,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Mike Doll."

“Sampling of daily record lows set on Thursday morning”

“Chicago’s temperature tumbled to 21 degrees below zero, a record for the date and closing in on the city’s all-time record of minus 27 set in 1985. The wind chill dipped to an even more startling 51 degrees below zero.”

How did the Polar vortex which shouldn’t leave the arctic come all the way down to the midwest… nothing to see here.

This thing called weather.

Funny thing the polar vortex can be directly linked to climate change in the arctic

Some of us have the ability to realize climate change is a global issue and not something that can be summed up by the temperatures over the course of a few days.

As you can see here, the majority of the world is actually warmer than normal right now.

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Oh, a polar vortex is being naughty.

What’s this image based on?

I would assume it is based on local temperature readings compared to historical numbers. As you can see, while the Midwest is certainly much colder than usual, it’s just the opposite across most of Africa, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Could I get a link to it?

You think they have local temp readings in the middle of the pacific?


Deep state

How many weather stations do you think there are in Chad? lol!

about 16 if only there was a list of this information.

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How many do you think there are?

That website is run by the deep state

and yet his picture shows heating in very subtle shading all over the country instead of just where the few station are. They have shading in lots of places they have no stations. Look at the dramatic shading in Antarctica where they have about 10 stations for the entire continent.

It’s a cartoon…

so instead pretending they could shade all the country by temp, they should only have spots where they actually know the temperature… Chad is about 500,000 sq miles…

“It’s cold - so much for global warming HAR HAR take that you egghead libs!”

Please don’t stop flushing twice. :wink:

It’s not just cold, it’s the coldest in most people life time… I guess the north pole will still be covered. Algore and all were wrong as usual…

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