Read the opinion: Federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania

They can appeal the dismissal to the Third Circuit, where they have a zero chance of success. They can then appeal the dismissal to the Supreme Court, where they also have a zero percent chance of success.

We’ve had Stupid Watergate this year already.

I suppose Stupid Coup had to follow.

It IS 2020 after all.

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Saw this and thought I would post it here


Well that’s the end of that.

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wanna bet? i fully expect trump or his followers try something even stupider…


Since Trump lost this case and Georgia certified their election for Biden, is he finally going to concede?? I don’t think that Trump will ever really concede. He has too big of an ego to concede this election.

Great let them keep fighting it so when the Senate runoffs come up Republicans don’t vote because they think the election is rigged anyway and Trump already officially lost.

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He should keep doing what he’s doing I think.

This is beautiful.

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I’m not gonna lie. I’m kind of liking watching Trump lose over and over and over again. How embarrassing. :rofl:


I’m not worried about it. :slight_smile:

So, the activist Pennsylvania court system that unconstitutionally arrogated to itself the authority to create a law to extend the close off date for ballots has rejected the Trump campaign’s complaint that those late arriving ballots should be disqualified, the court arguing that those votes are legal.

Does that surprise anyone. Are they going to admit they were not authorised to extend the close off date? By

Who is surprised. Obviously, the Pennsylvania judiciary are not going to be the final arbiters on their own malfeasance. Once the case moves out of Pennsylvania, their self-serving ruling will be overturned

Ummmm, it was a Federal court that ruled, not a Pennsylvania Court.

And to your question, nobody was surprised at the outcome, though the jujitsu-level intellectual violence of the the language in the decision was just added bonus.


Hmmmmmm. I thought that was a separate case and they got the deadline moved back to it’s original date for a small insignificant win.

That is a good trumplination since it literally has nothing to due with the case or ruling…


Trump campaign wins case on Pa. voter ID deadline | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (

A federal judge in Pennsylvania appointed by… Barak Obama. No one should be surprised at his ruling.

He is a right leaning republican and respected by republicans.

A lot of anti-Trumpers could be described the same way. This is not a republican- Democrat arm wrestle. It’s swamp vs. constitutionalists.

Recommended by Senator Toomey, unanimous approval by the Senate.
By the way, did you see Senator Toomey’s statement about the election today?