RCP has Texas as even for Biden/Trump. What the Hell?

So RCP(real clear politics) has their average for Texas as even for Biden/Trump.

I’ve said this before, but I don’t actually think Biden will take Texas this year. Texas isn’t quite there yet. But Jesus. Trump won by nine points in 2016. If Texas is in play, and it looks like it actually is, there is no route for Trump to win. Texas in play means all the narrow thin margins he had in 2016 in other states are gone. Cornyn still seems safe though. So that’s good for Republicans.

Trump is just really that awful.


He won by a very narrow margin. He’s too stupid to realize that expanding the base is his only way to a victory.



That was one outlier. Every other poll had trump up 2 to 13. Not similar to patterns this time at all.

You do understand the difference between one poll and and aggregate of polls right? Again, I don’t think Biden takes Texas. But Republicans are going to have to fight for it. Which works for me. RCP average had Texas as Trump plus 12 before the election. Ended up plus 9. That poll you’re citing is an outlier that no one took seriously.

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Trump is running ads in TX, GA, and other states that would have been considered automatic wins for earlier republican presidential candidates. That’s not a good sign at all

I’m actually hopeful for Georgia.

Texas has changed a bit because of Trump. It was and still is a state where the metro areas are blue and the rural parts are red. The change is that all of the counties on the border have turned blue. The main reason is that the majority of Ranchers and Farmers who own property on the border are pissed off that their land is going to be taken to build the wall.

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He’s letting the Democrats expand his base for him. https://m.facebook.com/groups/OFFICIALWalkAwayCampaign

Yep, all 47 of them.


Libs really screwed up if Biden was the best candidate you could come up with? He really may be the worst I’ve ever seen make it this far in an election and be so far removed mentally from being capable for the job.

Which is even more embarrassing for Trump if he gets beat by a terrible DEM candidate and the American people tell him “You’re Fired!”.


Is H Clinton running for the USA presidency in 2020?

If Biden should win, I’ll change directions.

Never going to happen not in TX

The lincoln project are working to reduce is base and all they are doing is playing his own words back

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They kept telling us Hillary was really close here in 2016 as well. There were polls as close as 2 and 3 points. I’ll worry when we get to November and Biden wins or comes close. Until then, it’s just the same old flawed polls. Even during Romney/Obama, they kept showing that Romney was leading by 6 & 7 points… then all of the sudden, right prior to the election, it bounced to 15 points.

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Oh good God, the border has ALWAYS been blue and no, it doesn’t have to do with ranchers angry that land is being taken to build the wall. The ones I’ve talked to are excited about it. They’re stick and tired of the destruction illegals do to their property on the way through.