Rasmussen: Florida Governor: Gillum (D) 48%, DeSantis (R) 42%

I have seen a few of the ad spots by him. Sycophant does not just seem to do it justice really.

It really is an interesting race to watch, as it seems to be about forging to the outer-edges of each respective ideology here. And the people of FL are forced to pick, when I’d assume the overwhelming majority of Floridians are much closer to the middle than these extreme edges.

Can you expand upon what you see as Gillum’s “socialism”? I haven’t been following that race (not my neck of the woods), but I am curious as to what he has done/said or incorporated into his platform that is “socialism”. TIA.

Any count yet on how many puerto ricans moved to Florida?


I donno, looks like the whole thing is extreme edges with barely any middle.

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The same governor who has a slight lead over the incumbent Dem in the Senate race?


I feel sorry for Florida voters in the governor’s race because I wouldn’t want to vote for either of them. This sort of reminds me of another election a couple of years ago

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And that is the danger of voting with emotion rather than on the issues. The difference between these two candidates couldn’t be more different, ideologically. Yet you believe Trump comments regarding Puerto Rico should be the deciding factor??? If you lived in Florida, would you vote for Gillum based on Trump’s support for DeSantis?

About 30,000 in the 32 counties that were ordered to produce sample ballots in Spanish…

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Well played. :clap:

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If I were Puerto Rican it sure wouldn’t help.


Scott is not nearly as extreme as might be imagined. In fact, he has vetoed quite a few bills over his term that he thought went too far. He vetoed an alimony reform bill that would have been retroactive. He would not sign it until the legislature agreed to make effective to future divorces only. He has pushed back a few other times when the legislature wanted to go too far.

Putnam’s sucking up to the sugar lobby for his entire career over the years sank any chance he had and the campaign to capitalize on that was ready to go. He might have had a chance if not for the devastating toxic algae blooms all summer long in two main estuaries and thousands of connected canals on the east and west coasts. Those blooms are a direct result of the diversion of nutrient rich polluted water around the sugar plantations into east and west flowing rivers.

How is it even humanly possible to get something so absurdly wrong? I mean, do you seriously lack even the most basic forms of reading comprehension skills? How could a single word of what I posted lead you to say that I, “believe Trump’s comments regarding Puerto Rico should be the deciding factor,” or that I would “vote for Gillum based on Trump’s support for DeSantis.” Are you just trolling me here or what. Because WOW! :flushed:

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This Vox article has a good take on his positions. This particularly gets my attention.

The state capital’s mayor since 2014, Gillum is young at 39, black (he would also be Florida’s first black governor), and pretty far to the left ideologically. He received the endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Our Revolution, and Democracy for America in the primary. He has proposed hiking the state’s corporate tax rate to fund education, raising its minimum wage to $15, and he endorsed a Medicare-for-all single-payer health care system at the national level.

If Vox, a liberal site, says he’s “pretty far to the left” I take their word for it.

That’s probably one of the reasons why he’s competitive with Nelson. Florida is a purple state, not solid red or solid blue.

Plus Nelson is a very bland, uninspiring candidate.

Hey, I’m not the one talking about Trump faceplanting or talking about Trump being toxic to Desantis. Issue voting should be only about the issues and where each candidate stands on those issues.

BTW, in regards to the sugar industry.

I would abolish the sugar subsidies in the United States. Likely, every sugar plantation in south Florida would be out of business within a year.

Problem solved.

Not to mention that sugar would likely become cheaper than HFCS and many products would switch back to regular sugar.


I’m talking about the reality of voters voting in 2018. Nothing that is happening is normal and that is because of Trump. You can pretend all you want. But this is the reality going on around you. Many, if not most even, Americans will be voting based on Trump in this years midterms.

There is quite a lot of support for Trump, but hurricanes are a particularly sensitive subject here lol. Trump couldn’t have picked a much worse thing to blow up in his face with Irma only one year ago and North Carolina in the crosshairs of another major storm.

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OK, didn’t know that and since you are a Florida resident and I am not, I will defer to you. From where I was sitting Putnam seemed like the more electable candidate, but actual residents may know things the rest of us don’t.

That’s the one. Nelson is an absolute dinosaur who’s support has been dwindling for his entire last term. It’s a sad state of affairs when he can’t even get ahead of Rick Scott.