Rasmussen: Florida Governor: Gillum (D) 48%, DeSantis (R) 42%

Wow… a Rasmussen poll showing a six point lead by Gillum…


I’m sure Trump’s callous disregard for the thousands of victims of Hurricane Maria is not helping Trump fan-boi DeSantis out at all right now either. Even with him trying to disavow the comments and put space between him and Trump, what Trump says, might as well be what DeSantis says. And there are a LOT of displaced Puerto Ricans in Florida, ready to cast their vote.

I posted this a weeks ago for this very reason…


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Yep. I read the whole thing. It was entertaining as all get up. I’d never read a ruling that was so full of pointed sarcasm and direct shots at people. But it seems as if the SoS deserved it as well.

It certainly doesn’t help how DeSantis was out and out loving on Trump and his base and is now trying to backpedal. He may lose almost everyone, including Trump’s base.

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Oh, now libs love rasmussen. Typical.


Indeed. And when facing a potential Blue Wave, that could spell doom for him, and paydirt for Gillum.


Neither side should put any stock in polls in Florida at this point. It should go without saying that Governor Scott was behind just about every poll in 2010 and 2014, yet won the Governorship twice.

TV ads and mailers won’t really kick up into high gear until October. Additionally, Gillum has some potential legal issues of his own.

While the current poll is significant, it certainly does not spell disaster at this point.

How do you feel Trump’s comments on Hurrican Maria will play out in voter enthusiasm across the Latino population come November? And do you believe that DeSantis is pretty well tied to Trump no matter what at this point?

How likely do you think it is that Cuban Americans, many of whom risked their lives to escape Castro and communism, will embrace Gillum’s socialism?

I am not sure. That is why I was asking @Safiel because he will have a better feel for the electorate down there, than I will.

DeSantis is clearly tied to Trump. Fortunately, I think there is enough time for the effects of the stupid hurricane comments to fade.

Gillum is clearly not the best candidate. If Democrats had a better candidate, Republicans would be in a spot. But I believe Gillum is clearly beatable.

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That is fair. So essentially, if Trump does a fair amount of facepalming stuff between now and then, then it could be what would swing it to Gillum. But aside from that, it is DeSantis’ to lose?

There is going to be a lot of viciously negative advertising against Gillum that will use his previous statements and stands against him, so his approval will clearly drop during October, as the ads take hold.

That sounds about right. Neither party picked a good candidate, Adam Putman would have been a better choice. But Gillum is a socialist and doesn’t try to hide it. He’d be a better fit for a state like NJ than Florida.

Even if Gillum wins, he will be facing an extremely hostile legislature and likely will have 3 hostile cabinet members to deal with. He would likely be a relative non-entity in office, if he was to win.

For decades many Cubans have risked their lives, and the lives of their families, to get away from Communists. And look at what is happening in Venezuala as people are literally starving there.

Socialism and communism are failures.

So I assume you mean the Florida legislature will stay R, regardless of what happens in the governor’s race?

And even though DeSantis is obviously a Trumpist, are people going to hold him responsible for every stupid thing Trump says? I don’t think it’s going to hurt Rick Scott, although I wouldn’t call him anywhere near as big a Trumpist as DeSantis has been.

He had been running commercials down here with Trump featured in about every other shot and nothing but praise for him. He’s a true sycophant and people know it. That’s popular with a lot of folks, but apparently not enough, at least in this current snapshot. And people are sick to death of the current governer and his self serving style of governing for his own personal gain. Still, this is a surprising result to me. Gillum is too far left and DeSantis is too far right, but I guess I’d take Gillum over more of the same ■■■■ we’ve been getting.

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