Rand Paul and remdesivir

Not sure I spelled that right
Anyone care that his wife bought stock in the company that makes the Covid treatment after congress was briefed on the virus but before it was declared a pandemic?

Suddenly his dumb positions on the vaccine start to make sense.

Man, this dude is craven even by DC standards.


Yeah. He’s that councilman in Tony’s pocket on the sopranos.

Big Pharma or something…

I was thinking “not technically a crime” and “wealth envy is ugly”.

It’s obviously shady but politicians on both sides get away with similar behavior all the time. So no, no one cares.

Hunter Biden’s artwork.



I’m not sure but wasn’t it a small amount of $ and he lost money on it? I could be wrong.

But it does present a conflict of interest when he is opining on the efficacy of masks and vaccines.

:rofl::+1:t4: Great thread.

I wonder she bought stock in OTHER pharmaceuticals…ever thought of that?

How does that change things?

It should be illegal for members of congress and their immediate families to buy individual stocks.

Oftentimes, investors will buy stock in a wide variety of companies. This is called diversification.


If you were abetting man…and you knew a pandemic might accrue, what stocks would YOU invest in?

BTW…this was in Feb 2020. When we all knew.

And it was $15,000 worth of shares in Gilead Sciences, a biotech company that brought to market the first drug designed to treat COVID-19.

So what’s the problem? Sounds like possible smart investment…or are you all jealous that you didn’t think of it?

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BTW…sounds like she lost money.


For instance, I bought cryoport stock when it was realized that both moderna and Pfizer required refrigeration, and this company specializes in sub-zero refrigeration packaging and shipping. Got out at the peak as well.

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Smart…thinking ahead.