Raise Taxes If You Don't Want Interest Rate Hikes

Trump doesn’t want the fed raising rates. A tool to fight inflation.

So if he wants cheap lending and to curb inflation and pay down the debt raise taxes a little.


Trump needs to fire Powell and get someone who will do what’s good for the country in that job. There’s no way Trump would have hired this guy if he knew Powell would be working to make it look like Trump’s economy isn’t doing fantastic. Which it totally is.

I doubt Trump understands what the Fed tries to do.

Trump and most Republicans probably just choked on their pork with that OP

The Fed is trying to sabotage the economy so that Democrats will get elected. This is treasonous.

A little super-inflation to make paying back the debt cheaper is just what the doctor ordered…lol!

I never understood why not use taxes to boost or slow down the economy as needed instead of a central bank.

No doubt he knows more about it than yourself or other critics. :grin:

If he did he would know to keep his mouth shut about interest rate hikes.

How many billions have you made in business? :sunglasses: He knows more about all things concerning economics.

More than his critics and especially canadian and EU critics.

Certainly. How could anyone believe otherwise?

Certainly not those who believe in taking the money of others and transferring it elsewhere.

As Thatcher once said the trouble with socialism is sooner or later you run out of the money of others.

There was no way interest rates were going to stay at the low level they have been.

He knows how to game the system to screw people.

If he is so good at American economics why has he needed to rely on questionable deals from foreign banks?

Another reason why Trump hoodwinks his followers…because so many of them are just this gullible.

Guy has gone bankrupt how many times?

The ability to make money has absolutely nothing to do with a knowledge of economics. I’ve known plenty of salesmen who have made a ■■■■■■■■ of money who would just give you a dumb look if you threw around terms like “equilibrium,” “demand curve,” or “elasticity.”


Trump knows how to launder money through dodgy real estate deals.

That is about the extent of his knowledge.

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You talk as if you would ever be affected by any of this. You have to have money to be taxed at a higher bracket you know…

That’s funny. The guy is sharper about economics than anybody in these threads. :+1: