Raise Taxes If You Don't Want Interest Rate Hikes

Yeah. The NYTs says people familiar with how Trump thinks say he reads this forum regularly.

Is this thread an admission that higher taxes slow the economy and lower ones help it? Well, that’s progress I guess.

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Yep a vat tax will slow consumption. The higher the tax slower it gets.

You would make rax cuts in other areas.

Sure they would.

He’s bankrupted casinos. Casinos, plural. Honestly, how does anyone screw up a casino?

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By being invested in them when the virtual monopoly two states had on them ended?

Other casinos in AC and Las Vegas are flourishing just fine.

How many billions has Trump made - net - in business? If he has - and you certainly don’t know - it’s much easier when you can just keep rolling the dice with other people’s money, with no consequence if you come up snake eyes.

Bzzzzt, wrong answer. It’s a ■■■■■■■ casino. Here in Tampa, the run-down greyhound track turned pseudo-casino, located in a horrible part of town is killing it.

The only person that could bankrupt a casino is a moron like Trump.

After an adjustment was made to account for the reduction in out of state customers. You asked how it happened, I told you.

Really? Trump owned all of these?

Please do back up that claim with data showing the qualifications of those in the subset you have defined. Oh, and I can tell you that in the time I have been on the Hannity forums, I have only shared a small bit about my own qualifications. I will give you a little hint though - most of the work I have done using economics requires me to have a mastery of multivariate calculus. So, you will have to look outside this forum for any more information on my qualifications (and, I suspect, the qualifications of the vast majority of the users here).

And these?


I didn’t say that, did I? I said it takes a moron like Trump, and he certainly doesn’t own a monopoly in that market.

Sho it would be ok because it doesn’t affect you. Good to know.

The guy managed to go bankrupt with almost every venture he touched.

And again…being a billionaire real estate exec does not confer automatic expertise in macroeconomics.

You know what happened the last time businessmen ran the government?

It happened during the Presidency of Calvin Coolidge.

Hint…something pretty bad happened shortly thereafter.

It does affect me. I have money.

Lol yeah I take it as that too

So this really isn’t anything new. The Fed threatens to raise rates and politicians bulk at it because of…well they are politicians and want votes. So the crux of the problem is the Fed sees this economy and tends to think it is overheating. Historically speaking we are entering the period when we see the economy drop. But Trump is saying this economy is robust because of the positive signs pointing to even more growth. Why slow it down? That my friends is where I will leave this at because I am neither an economist or a fortune teller. I would like to hear people who understand a bit better.

Guess you never understood a “disturbance in the force”?