Radio host Todd Starnes out at Fox News

His guest was right. Being a Democrat is morally wrong and they are anti-God

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That’s an idiotic reason to bench someone. The host cannot control what comes out of a guest’s mouth.

More proof that Fox News is becoming too liberal. There was nothing wrong with that segment.


The guy is a TV preacher!! :crazy_face:
I think he should be in the wack-a-do basket with Alex Jones and Maxine Waters.

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What the hell, Fox? Everything he said is in perfect accord with modern day conservatism/Trumpism.

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Sure he can.

Radio shows are tightly controlled.

You think that guest just spoke extemporaneously, and Starnes had no idea what was going to be said?

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Holy mackerel that’s what Todd Starnes looks like?


Unless you can show Starnes had direct knowledge of what he was going to say I’m not going to assume anything.

Even if he had some inclination he could not prevent the man from saying what he did.

Sure he could.

By not inviting him on the show.

And I don’t have to assume.

I know a guy in the business.

He told me everything that goes on on those shows.

And the first rule? Nothing…absolutely NOTHING…is unscripted.

Horse hockey.

You are free to believe what you like.

I’ll stick to listening to the guy who actually does it for a living.

I’ve been interviewed on more than a dozen shows, there was never a prior agreement to what would be said, only to the main topics to be discussed.

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I’ve had a life, I’ve also been interviewed for and written quite a few articles on various subjects and made quite a few appearances on several different large market radio shows in the state.

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One less Christian Persecutionist on the airwaves.

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Oh noes! Who’s going to lead the fight against the war on xmas?

The guest is a Trump adviser. Trump loves him. Don’t question Dear Leader.

Jeffress gets his own basket.

Best thread of the night :rofl:

I’m glad they got rid of him. I never cared much for that fellow.

In other words, don’t invite people with unpopular ideas. Only people who say things most people like should be permitted to express them.

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