Racist, Sexist, Haters!

Why do most Republicans and Conservatives just seem to spew hate!? Why are so many against minorities, women, and equality for all no matter what your race or gender is?

Everyone needs a hobby?


I think abracadabra is trying to trick libs here into stereotyping cons


Pretty sure it has something to do with ChemTrails. Or possibly Extraterrestrials.

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I love lamp

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Or…Extraterrestrials emitting chem-trails.

What’s your hobby?

Those bastards.

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I fashion my belly button lint into miniature dioramas of Civil War battles.

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Only the ones who aren’t their mothers.

:smiley: I thought I was the only one.

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Why do you like the Civil War specifically so much, compared to any other battles throughout history?

Because Patrick Stewart.

We have a Chapter, the Belly Button Boys of Boise.

We still haven’t figured out if we should call ourselves the 4-B or the B-4?

I guess it would be the civility of it all.

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I love lamp

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Not sure is this helps but self identified conservatives when put in an MRI had a larger amygdala. It plays a role in the expression of fear and in the processing of fear-inducing stimuli. People tend to hate what they fear.

Omg I swear our brains went to the same place. I typed mine before seeing yours. It bears repeating.

Or not…