Racist, Sexist, Haters!

Because we are very, very baaaaaad people. Fear us. We are da debil. Boooo! :skull_and_crossbones::skull::japanese_goblin:

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They are just scared of their feelings.

Or what they want to feel? :thinking:

I prefer cheesecake.

clap, clap, clap. You’re a lot smarter than I’ve given you credit for.
You’re not as dumb as you seem.

Okay, that was pretty funny :+1:

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A larger amygdala as compared to what base line? You could also say self identified liberals have a smaller amygdala than self identified conservatives. That would mean a liberal has a lowered ability to process fear-induced stimuli. Ergo, more vulnerable than their conservative counterparts (see I can draw useless and erroneous conclusions as well).


Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

You could say whatever you want but do you have the research to back it up?

He’s gonna reach out and grab ya!

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Research to back what up? You posted something without a baseline or study and drew your own conclusion. What is the baseline showing a “self-identified conservative” has a larger amygdala than what group exactly? A self-identified homeless person? A self-identified ANTIFA or BLM member?

Your conclusion that (therefore) people hate what they fear as a result of a “larger” amygdala is a personally extrapolated conclusion based upon your own bias.

No it was a study done with MRIs of self identified conservatives. The doctors doing would be the ones establishing the baseline.

Really? Show me scientific proof of a baseline of “normal” sized amygdala. Then show repeated results that can be proven.

I gave you a link go find it yourself to disprove them.

Yeah. It’s something that is more likely to backfire too since NOW someone can save the link and later post back: “… but didn’t you once say …”.

Sometimes this kind of thing CAN work as part of a joke, but people need to have a chance of knowing it’s a joke. For instance, one might start a thread saying: “Why do (insert here) rage against the dyeing of the light?”

Subtle word substitutions for words expected to be encountered, such as when Limbaugh went on about women farding in their cars and how unsafe it was to do that while driving, can be humorous if you know how to work a gag.

I love group psychoanalysis! I mean, there certainly is no political motive behind going after an entire group. Awesome stuff! BTW what was the big flaw they discovered in the liberal group brain? Did they mention it?

Why would you find a larger amygdala abnormal?

I guess it didn’t hurt Barry Manilow. Feelings. Nothing more than feelings.

Abby sombody?