Race is on to reach sunken F35-C fighter plane before China

It’s kind of like an arms race. Hope we don’t become the laughing stock of the world once again. Go Navy!

Boy, I’d hate to be the pilot who “lost” that aircraft. :neutral_face:

Depends on what the cause was, can’t blame the pilot for a fatal equipment malfunction.


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I’m guessing they have a backup plan if they can’t retrieve right? Underwater demolition?

Don’t know.
But that would only take care of some classified stuff . But there would still be remnants of materials that could be found.

True. Even the skin of the aircraft is state of the art, including some nanocomposites in its construction.

Yeesh. This isn’t good.

Of course it is also inevitable that both the Chinese and the Russians would eventually get the classified information. They always do.

The Chinese, by the way, are presumed to have acquired the remnants of the helicopter that crashed during the Osama raid. I think it had the same kind of radar absorbing fibermat skin that the F35 has.


Let them have it, maybe their engineers can make the misbegotten money sumps work.

How can there be a “race” to get there first when it crashed shortly after leaving the ship? We are there.


I have a hard time believing their CCP university spies didn’t have all the technology as it was developed.

Government farms everything out to the universities and counts on signed confidentiality agreements…LOL.

But to your first point …I’m guessing here but the destruction of the classified avionics and and electronics in weapon stores is probably not so important so long as all the software/firmware was zeroized at some point in the mishap. I’m guessing that when the pilot punches out, that zeroizing function was activated (plus whatever other tricks ‘Q’ has introduced to protect the electronics from prying eyes).

But still, the question of destroying the aircraft is interesting. I post this only as food for thought


As chummy as Brandon is with China he might have the military slow walk the search. :roll_eyes:


4 days of silence.


Not seeing what the issue is.

We’re working on it. The Brits and us did the exact same thing for a British F-35 in the Mediterranean less than two months ago.

And we did the same thing for an Australian helicopter last year almost in the same location last year:

I’m sure everything will be fine.

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If China gets this, to go along with all the HIgh tech weapons they got from Brandon’s Afghanistan debabile they will have a major advancement in weapon tech. The swamp made China a major world power for money. Trump is the only guy who’s tried to stop them.

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There’s an F-35 at the bottom of the ocean in the South China Sea.

In case that wasn’t obvious. lol

Hopefully our Tic Tac Tech can be fitted with arms as well. :wink:

There is nothing that Afghanistan had that went to the Taliban that the Chinese don’t already have. It’s a pretty worthless talking point.

I didn’t get the issue of “Four days of silence.” comment.