Quid Pro Quo From Joe?

Ahh, the plot thickens. It seems that the #me too movement was fixing to take up the case of Joe’s alleged sexual assault victim. That is until they received payments from the Biden campaign adding up to 806,000 dollars. Interesting. Thoughts?

Is that anything like paying off porn stars?


Ones voluntarily the other is rape so no.

One instance is proven to of happened, the other is still just an allegation

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We have already discussed that about 4000 times. Was is your opinion of this case?

They act like having sex with a porn star is somehow more sinister than boinking a campaign aid. I’m not sure how they come to that conclusion.


What case? The Case of the Garbling Naysayers.

Earl Stanley Gardner says, “Hey!”

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You act like Trump hasn’t been accused of the same thing by 18 women.


We’ve already talked about Stormy. Many, many times. This is a new case involving Creepy Joe.

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Good Lord man!

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Yep. An apples to apples comparison. Sorry it makes his supporters uncomfortable

We’re talking about the same case.

Let me know when they arrest Joe.

After the Ukraine event, I’m sure Barr has bigger plans for Joe.

How do we know it’s a buyout?

It could be…it could also be a ramping up of direct mail activity as the primaries…you know…started happening?

This is what is known as “innuendo”.

We don’t. But that’s a lot of money for no apparent reason. We should dig a little deeper.

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I gave you a reason.

The primaries started in early 2020.

Makes complete sense that direct mailing campaigns would ramp up at the same time.

I know you saw this because you cut this part out when you quoted me in your response.

Breitbart sure is busy lately.

I’m just wondering why his supporters don’t hold him to the same standards they do everyone else.

I still think the whole story is a little fishy. 800 grand? Day-yum. And the me too people suddenly dropping her afterwards? We need to dig.

Breitbart gives no timelines to when she was dropped.

That’s the innuendo/juxtaposition part that Breitbart and other CEC sites are famous for.

It gives then plausible deniability.

And they know that some people fall for it every…single…time.