Quid Pro Joe Biden is desperate

Trying to get Obama endorsement…even offering Obama SCOTUS position.

Political position for endorsement…a supreme Court position no less.

How cool is that? :sunglasses:

So Biden responded to a question.


The correct response Biden should have given would have sounded more like, “Hell no! Obama isn’t qualified to run a lemonade stand, let alone be a SCOTUS Justice.”

If he would have said that, I would have had more respect for him.


Obama ran the US for 8 years, and set our country on a trajectory of success from which Trump benefitted.

The statistics of that have been shared here again and again and again.


I don’t think Obama would hamper his lifestyle by being on the SCOTUS.

He would only be one of nine.

Much better to be a celebrity Former President.

Joe isn’t thinking this through.

Doctor Jill better check on him.


Obama ran the Executive Branch of the government for 8 years.

To say he ran the U.S. is disingenuous.


No other presidential candidate in history has ever tried to get the endorsement of the last sitting president in their party. This is a completely unprecedented move made out of sheer desperation.


That’s “quid pro quo” Joe style which is to do it publicly and do it often! :wink::crazy_face:


Too bad he didn’t use his time as President better.

His job is done.

Trump is the new standard of excellence.


Welcome to the forum TWO.

What’s on second.

I think Joe was talked into running by the party so they could try out some 2024 prospects on the undercard.

They see the enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden.

I don’t know…

He’s on third.


Trump had to erase Obama to help the economy.

Doodling with a sharpie LOL

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Can Biden defeat Trump?? I believe that Biden can win Pennsylvania, but I don’t think that he can win Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin.

He will sign all of the new trade deals with it.

The same deals Bush Obama Biden Pelosi and Schumer would never have attempted


“All of the new trade deals.” Like the TPP? LOL.

the economy is no better than under obama

Show your work.