Quick- it's election year, let's pretend we care!

So, Bloody Joe is finally going to the border. It’s only been 3 years since the treasonous piece of ■■■■ opened the border up to all comers and promised lots of freebies to those who came. All the death, crime and destruction caused by these illegals has meant nothing. All that’s mattered is bringing in as many illegals as possible as fast as possible. Only NOW because Americans in dependable Democrat strongholds are starting to shout down other treasonous pierces of ■■■■ like AOC, Eric Adams and the jackass in Chicago are Democrats pretending they care about Americans. It’s not even a crisis according to the idiot AOC.

Joe answered the question about a border visit between bites of his ice cream cone- wouldn’t want anyone to mistake where his concern was. Yes, apparently he’s visiting the border Thursday, but he couldn’t say if he was going to talk to any illegals because the Secret Service doesn’t like that.

Good for you, you senile satanic bastard. Just like you ignored the tragedy in East Palestine Ohio until a couple weeks ago. More than a year after the disaster happened! Gee, I’ll bet they were sure happy to see you then huh?

Where the hell have you been while the citizens you took an oath to defend and protect have died by the hundreds of thousands because of the fentanyl you’ve allowed the Chinese to make and wage a proxy war on America through Mexican drug cartels? Where have you been when more than 80,000 children have disappeared across the border you’ve opened? Where have you been when gangs of illegals have formed in our cities and brazenly assaulted American citizens, raped our women and beat up our police officers? Where were you when these same illegals are immediately released from custody and literally give America the middle finger? Where have you been when American school children have been kicked out of their own schools so illegals wouldn’t have to sleep in the street? Where have you been for three years as Americans are struggling to pay bills and running up credit card debt just to meet basic needs because of the economy you’ve destroyed and inflation you’ve caused? Where were you when…

You’ve ignored your Constitutional oath, and the country you are supposed to lead and the tax payers who pay for your worthless criminal ass to stay in office, AND NOW YOU WANT US TO BELIEVE YOU CARE ABOUT THE PROBLEMS YOU’VE DELIBERATELY CREATED???


November can’t get here soon enough…


We’ll know everything, and THEN we’ll be OK.
We’ll kill everything, and THEN we’ll be OK.
We’ll forget everything, and THEN we’ll be OK.
We’ll live forever, and THEN we’ll be OK.
We’ll cling to everyone, and THEN we’ll be OK.
[November will get here, and THEN we’ll be OK.]

And even then, we won’t be OK, because that’s not how the game works. :man_shrugging:


Thank you for the spot on OP. This is that rare time when, there’s nothing more left to say.


very cool @Sknyluv


Thanks Smyrna! Don’t expect much, especially from the Libs, but man do I feel better!

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Don’t ya love politicians?

I don’t get this trip to the border.
WHAT for?
He can see the HIS news, he can hear HIS Sanctuary cities, he can read, I supose still can but I doubt he knows what he is reading any more.
Why not take a pen and the phone you inherited from Obama and DO something instead.

But even if he does it is too late. 10 Millions are here and 30 Millions were here already, unless Trump goes balistic and spends Billions to round up ALL 40 Mil. of Illegals to ship 'em out, the permanent chockehold on the America we know and love will happen overnight to never be reversed.
Comunism and Socialism countries do not get reversed, they just don’t.
Anybody seen one do?

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I saw that…kudos. :clap: :clap: :ok_hand:

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Now we know what he means when he says he is running to ‘finish the job he started’.
Actualy Obama started.
But if one upstairs even hears your plight it is too late, this was all done BY DESIGN.
Biden is not going there to enlighten him self, it’s all an act and getting some fresh air or much needed exercise, that’s all.

I can hear Rush Limbaugh say…‘aaaaall done by design’.
Been going on for a while.
And half of the country is ready to kill the goose that lays golden eggs.

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Picture it…
NY Times and other alphabets blasting a front page picture of Biden on the border, standing there eating icecream, facing South and saying …
What a man !
And the elated crowd… …if he can atract any besides a few flies…
:rofl: :rofl:

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You’re exactly right. Communism is spreading throughout the country and communist countries all follow the same path. The leaders live like kings and the peasants are reduced to poverty and helplessness. The only thing that’s slowing down the process is millions of armed Americans who at least will fight in their own homes when they’re invaded. That’s why we see the push to disarm America, and criminalize gun ownership and punish those who do defend themselves or others when their lives are endangered. Not the mention bringing in so many criminals that Americans risk their lives everywhere they go now. Look at what the leftist lunatics did to the couple in St. Louis, the bodega owner in New York and the hero on the New York subway who defended the passengers from a scum bag threatening to kill them all.

This is going to continue until every Lib in America is voted out of office, starting with the treasonous piece of dog ■■■■ in the White House…

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If anyone in this country honestly believe that these POS lib politicians honestly care about us or our families is either clueless or has their head up their ass, or are just cool-aid drinkers. What Joe Biden has done for three years is flood the country with millions of phony asylum seekers in order to bring in future voters to replace the ones already here, and to pad the numbers of people in Democrat congressional districts. EVERYTHING they do is about power, it has nothing to do with making the country better.


you asked for immigration reform and Biden signed off on it.

republican senators signed off on it.

the republican party (trump) put up the stop signal on it.

now whos to blame.

the Democratic Party?

that rings very hollow.


One of the best OP’s ever. Absolutely nailed the reason Joe Biden’s the worst President America has ever had.

What’s he going to learn at the border…what we already know that he’s been a damn disaster.

10 million illegal invaders have entered this country as part of his plan on his watch. That man we are forced to call our President is a disgusting career politician. Nothing more.

A shallow, bought and paid for lying piece of trash. It’s pathetic that his best defense for his crimes and corruption is that he’s senile…it’s terrifying that he and this Democrat Party could win in November…

Sure Allan. We know you’re definition of Bipartisan- if one single Republican Senator or Congressman votes with Democrats then that’s a bipartisan bill done in good faith to benefit the American public.

90% of Republican Senators voted no because the bill did NOTHING to deal with the illegal immigration problem. If you want to push the nonsense that it only takes one member of a party to vote with the other party to equal Bipartisan, then perhaps you should consider that since Joe Bidens polling at 38%, and cackling Kamala is at 28%, then you must agree it’s a bipartisan desire to get those two clowns out of office. Now there’s a true bipartisan effort to make America great again…

Thanks for coming over to our side!


Biden reversed everything that was working…3X as many illegals have entered this country in less time than under his predecessor.

His predecessor had the border at its most secure state in 40 or 50 years.

Literally all Biden had to do was nothing.

Instead he let 10 million people in.

Fast forward, 9 months ago the House passed a pretty good bill called HR2…which has seen the light of day in the Senate. The Senate created a terrible bill that made 2 million illegals year SOP on top of the 10 or 12 already here, and would have tied the hands of future presidents to solve the problem…that thing was a terrible bill.

But I would expect anything more for you. Toddle along now.


Again last night on Fox, they were showing illegals being asked where they come from and who they support in the upcoming election. So far not one single illegal asked has said they prefer Trump. Unbelievable huh? Biden gets 100% approval by illegals. Never happened before in history. Once again Sleepy Joe sets a record! It’s good thing Libs believe they should not actually get to VOTE in our election (yet)… Because we all know that is absolutely NOT why Joe is importing so many do fast. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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For 3+ years, Biden and his democrat cohorts ignored the border issue, after his policies aggravated the situation. Then, when the polls began to sour for the angry old imbecile, his party offers up a toothless bill in hopes of deflecting the blame for this crisis.
And you’re buying into it?

Wow, that’s pretty pathetic.


you are refusing to answer my question posed and deflecting because you know the answer is not favorable to the republicans.

why did the house speaker put a stop on an honest effort to get a immigration reform bill passed?


and now Tguns he has addressed the concerns of the republican party
only to be stopped by the presidential candidate for the republicans.

its weird, the republicans have been asking for immigration reform and when it is presented to them.

no no a thousand times no.

its like you dont want immigration reform after begging for it for three years.