Question: What does Shep Smith do for Fox News?

As someone who isn’t a big fan of Fox, it’s strange when I see clips of Shep Smith like the one I saw today of him tearing apart Trump’s claim of Mueller interfering in the midterms. With all the opposite commentary coming from the administration, Trump supporters and other Fox hosts, this has a couple of significances. You can’t call it being fair and balanced since he appears to be about the only one consistently critical. But it is a brilliant strategy by Fox to keep him in the mix because it slides a bit of the argument that Fox is diehard Republican (though I’ve seen isolated comments here in the past and elsewhere that he should be dumped).

So my question for anyone reading this is whether you are a fan of Fox or not what does he bring to the Fox News mix? Is he serious or just entertainment? I lean to the latter. For me, it’s hard to take him that seriously when so much of the commentary is turned the other way.

Shep’s a liberal. There are many of never Trumpers on FOX news. Shep has been disliked by reps since he blamed Bush over Katrina for things that were the responsibility of the governor and they mayor. Cavuto = never Trumper as far as I can tell… Has had a stick up there since the election.

Translation from Cratic to English: Smith is news reader who delivers unbiased news without constantly blaming dem, libs, Obama, Hillary for all wrongs, real or imagined.

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Crying and yelling “Where’s Bush” is not unbiased…Especially since he didn’t apologize when he found out the Governor had not called Bush to allow the feds in the state.

The Bush debacle in Katrina is well documented. Period. End.

She didn’t call. She sent a letter which included all of the coastal parishes. And the hardest hit ones were one’s where Bush did not put on his list when he declared a state of emergency.

I didn’t see his comments about Trump today. But in the past Shep will call out Trump for his lies and made-up reality. Overall from what I have seen his show is reporting the facts of news stories. It is about the only show on Fox that does not include commentary by guests.

I guess he provides a little different perspective. FNC likes to provide several points of view. Unlike the the nit wits at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC who are afraid to cover stories that are contrary to their agenda. He is definitely an excellent interviewer and covers breaking news and tragedy as good or better than anyone else.

Glad to hear that you are watching so many news channels. Perhaps you could give us a couple of examples of stories they have not covered because they are contrary to their agenda. Thanks.

I don’t know but I was happy to see Mr Smith telling the truth. Maybe it will catch on.

CNNs Rick Santorum and MSNBCs Hugh Hewitt (to name just a couple) are now flaming liberals in Konservatopia?

Even Fox News has to have an outlier. :wink:

I try to look in on the other networks to get a different viewpoint. But they are sooooooo boring. The reason that FOX is trouncing them is boredom. Period. With rare exception only republican scandal is covered. They only cover democratic scandal when they are pretty much forced into it. They do not cover democratic scandal. They just don’t. If they do, they quickly laugh it off, and get back to their incredibly boring Russia crap. I mean, how the hell can they cover the same story for weeks and months without anything changing, no new information? Just the same endless drone of Russia. Booooooor-ing!

What democratic scandal have MSNBC, CNN, et al not covered?

All of them. Except for the sex scandals. Their definition of covering a democratic scandal is to claim that there is nothing to it and get back to Russia. Which is exactly why nobody watches them. Are you seeing something different?

All of them? Like which scandal? Give me a scandal the networks did not cover.

All of them, except…

According to my mom: be handsome.

So, straight to the victim card.

The current FBI scandal is huge. And it is barely touched by the MSM. And they offer nothing but defense of it. I have not watched any news today. How much time has the MSM spent talking about Trumps “right to try law?”

Listen. It’s okay that you think that the other networks are fair. I couldn’t care less. But I know what I see. If you want to try to convince me that something different is going on then have at it. I encourage you and the half dozen other people who watch CNN to continue to watch and be happy. It’s your choice. I don’t feel the need to justify what I see. And nether should you. But the ratings don’t lie.