Question: What does Shep Smith do for Fox News?

Shep is part of the News team he doesn’t normally do personal opinion based reporting.

Nobody on our side cares what he says or thinks.

I didn’t say the other networks were fair. I just don’t buy they are not covering any democratic scandals.

As for your one example, there isn’t an FBI scandal. And if there was it’s not a democratic scandal. Just because Trump supporters have turned on the FBI, doesn’t mke it a scandal. Look, it’s fine you’ve thrown in with Trump and have bought into his voting mentality. Just own it.

That’s because no one on your side likes fact and reality.

Easy to say, but it’s not true. The NYT, WashPost and others have been on top of the Trump admin. scandals more than any conservative media. Not because they’re biased, but because they’re not.

Spygate? The one that Foxnews has been ■■■■■■■■ on all day?

That dog don’t hunt no more thanks to Gowdy, Cavuto, Napalitano.

Shep occasionally lends FOX NEWS an unexpected air of legitimacy.

That is what he does for them.


This is true. But his liberal leanings show through from time to time. It don’t have a problem with it. He’s not over the top. He seems like a pretty good guy to me.

How’s that?

Alan Colmes (RIP)
Juan Williams
Sally Kohn

As I said, boredom prevents me and most of America from watching them for long.
I would list stories for you if my goal was to convince you that you should not watch those channels. I am completely okay with you believing that they are not what I see. If you like them and believe that they are honest, that’s your call. My experience is that they either do not cover FBI corruption or simply defend it. They pretty much share the same views as the DNC. And no, I’m not going to dig up any links. Believe what you want.

Every network is out to get conservatives, per you.

Not legitimacy, but of a lame balance on the left. There’s a difference with his lame arguments.

Now you are just being rude. I never asked you or any other lib to speak for me. And you always screw it up with idiocy such as this.
Now, if you said that there is little if any separation between the DNC and the MSM you would be stating my opinion accurately. And as a bonus, you would be factually accurate as well. So maybe you should stick to offering your own opinion and let me offer mine? Sound good to you Cowboy?:cowboy_hat_face:

They were designed lib shills.

6 = 1/2 dozen

i’m just shocked that Smith hasn’t been fired or re-assigned.

I’ve kind of expected that, too. But there would be an uproar if he was, I’d think. More from the outside.

Well, he did in that clip I saw of him taking out Trump’s comments about Mueller. Generally, though, he’s one of the better examples of a newsman.

You haven’t seen a lot of coverage of the “democratic scandals” because a lot the right wing media has reported have been wishes more than facts. But the Anthony Weiner issue got covered in full because there were facts. But clues don’t make a scandal without facts.