Question for veterans

What do you think of Vietnam era draft dodgers? They run to extremes like Ted Nugent and to the privileged like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump and everything in between, but a generalization can still be made in that they often went to great lengths to avoid serving during that time.

It seems views are tempering with the passing of time, they were viewed pretty harshly in the past.

What about today?

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Honestly neutral as long as they aren’t later trying to claim stolen valor and say they did go.

I have much more of a problem with folks who try to claim they did something, but didn’t. Less of a problem with folks who avoided doing something and admit it.


Thank you. Given all the arguments about politicians that did or did not serve and whether or not they avoided it, if it gives them an edge or makes them more worthy of office and whatnot, I thought it might be enlightening to get some opinions from people who did serve.

I never held ill will for those that dodged the draft during that era. But don’t tell me now you’re the patriot and all supportive of the military. If you want to thank me for my service I will accept it, I hope graciously.

BTW - I left active duty in the early '70s. The first time anyone actually shook my hand and thanked me for my service was Veteran’s Day on a golf course after 9-11.


I have been supportive of the military for my entire life, from the bottom of my heart.

Not everyone has been so consistent.

I have five uncles and my father all of whom were in one branch of the military or other and a fair number from subsequent generations who still are. My nephew just started training to (hopefully) be an Army Ranger mere weeks ago and was the top marksman in his entire group. We are a huge yet close knit family and all treat other family members with respect, that is how we were raised and to be otherwise is just not acceptable. I may be very libertarian, but I was raised rather conservatively in many ways.

Returning Vietnam vets were spit on in that day. And they were the ones who did serve.

Today we know the government lied to us.

I don’t blame draft dodgers - in a couple more years in the 70s I would of had to make that decision.

It’s the ones that proclaim their love of this country so loudly and then condemn other draft dodgers who are the problem. In other words, the hypocrites.


Thanks for your service. I’m sorry this country turned their back.

How do you feel about our current president’s Purple Heart :purple_heart:?

Yes I have friends who were spit on etc. Ugly stuff.

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You know, I never thought much about it until that Veterans Day. I didn’t take an oath because I thought others would appreciate it, I did it because I thought I should.

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Between that and his attacks on McCain (for purely political purposes)? His ‘respect’ may be a mile wide but it hardly scratches the surface for many veterans.

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I am a Vietnam era vet. I don’t care what other people choose to do with their lives. I worry only about me and my wife.

So you have virtually no opinion towards those that took great measures to dodge the draft and thus the Vietnam war?

Nope! I honestly don’t care. :wink:

Appreciate the reply then. :+1:

I don’t harbor ill will towards draft dodgers, but I don’t hold any respect for them either.


Makes sense.

I feel pretty much the same as you (although I served during the late 80’s-early 90’s).

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