Putin says he speaks regularly to Trump

hey at least trump didnt have his first fund raiser at a terrorists home like Bill Ayers, say what you want about trump, but Obama takes the cake for that.

Infuego man! Infuego! LOL seems the stars keep aligning.

Yep, I remember plenty trump wingnuts going bat ■■■■ when Hillary spoke to Russia.


What is the Mercury News?

LOL What a stupid gimmick that was.

Here’s a nice article about phone protocol between heads of state. Notice, it’s not a casual process.

With trump’s loose and uninformed lips, the last think we want is him speaking to Putin on his own, much less at all.

Read this nonsense and explain what you’re trying to say.

That’s my issue with you Trumpers, you cry and gashed your teeth at Obama acting like a “dictator”

You plead for better, yet you get someone that is instead doubling down on his executive authority, expanding it further and your response is “Obama did too”

I thought you wanted accountability and less government intrusion and power. But really you just want a different flavor of “dictator in chief”

When dems take hold of the executive office again (because they will) you’ll be back to crying about govt overreach

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Only because that was a cringe worthy photo op.

I’m sure that’s it.

World leaders talk to each other. Who knew?

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It was cornball. Then the translation was off. She Munson’d the whole damn thing.

You’re like a Talk Radio’s Greatest Hits reel.

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Sure buddy, I remember the “outrage” in the old forum when this story came out.

Lol! Yeah, he’s on :fire:.

There were around 150 million reasons, can’t put my finger on just one right now.

No you don’t, she caught hell for making a fool of herself again.

Not real. She didn’t say that.