Putin says he speaks regularly to Trump

I’m sure they’re talking about adoptions.

“Indeed, Donald Trump and I have, firstly, met more than once at various international venues,” Putin said according to an official transcript available on the Kremlin’s website. “And secondly, we regularly talk over the phone,” he said.

Seems the Ayatollah was speaking frequent to Obama in private and lying about it. Obama gave a pass to Iran having untapped access to our banks and economy? Someone should investigate if Iran influenced our elections in 2008.

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I mean 2012

Don’t change the subject, Putin stated that he “regularly” talks to the orange pile of crud. How do you feel about that?

Well done on the deflection.

thats all you have? Im pointing out on the double standards. All foreign interference is wrong right? Even if its England using spies like Steele and Halper?

Im not changing the fact! Im pointing out that Russia is not the only country tampering with our democracy! The DNC seems to have colluded with Britain to spy on a presidential campaign, starting back to 2015, you ok with that? Your Lures have been approved- Lisa Page March 2015! That is an FBI term for spy.

Stop deflecting and answer my question please. How do you feel about Putin talking “regularly” to trump? Good? Not good? No big deal?

ahhh the good ole “obama was a secret muslim” deflection… you will do just fine around these parts

seems on topic to me.

foreign leader of adversarial country talking with our president.

But Russia does not capture our sailors at gunpoint and chant “death to America” and burn our flag in their legislative. Iran does.

I’m sure it’s on Sessions list of things conservatives want him to investigate, but he isn’t investigating.

You’re right, Putin’s Russia just like to meddle in our elections…no biggie.

Trump talking to Putin is about as legal as Obama lying to congress and bypassing Congresses constitutional right of power of the purse, to subvert democracy to get a bad deal accomplished. But one bothers you and the other doesnt. I think all countries trying to interfere in our democracy is bad. Just like the Five eyes teaming up with the DNC to undermine trumps campaign.

I didn’t ask if trump talking to putin was legal or not. are you ok with it, you don’t see any issues with this? Just a simple yes or no answer will suffice. Thanks.

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I answered your question! Sorry that reading comprehension comes tough for you.

If its not wrong for obama to go around congress and subvert democracy with Iran , then its not wrong for Trump to talk to Russia!

His top adviser was Iranian, he has pictures with Farrakhan, he is def not an Israel sympathizer.

who top adviser what Iranian?

Ask Roseanne Barr–she knows!

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Obamas! Valerie Jarrett.