Push Critical Race Theory? Lose Federal Funding

Our great president, Donald J Trump, signed an executive order last night refusing payment to contractors dependent upon federal dollars who teach their employees critical race theory. Recently, he had banned federal agencies from teaching these damaging and un-American ideals. Taking it a step further to unfund government contractors who promote this radical left hate speech is commendable. Good job, Mr. President!

Today, I’ve expanded that ban to people and companies that do business with our Country, the United States Military, Government Contractors, and Grantees. Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!

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Got any examples of the CRT training pushed by contractors?

“CRT” is not an organization, it can’t “push” anything. It can be pushed, and is.

It is the very essence of everything BLM espouses, among others.


Where is an example of an federal contractor pushing CRT onto its employees?

I’d like to see an example so I can understand why this EO is necessary.

“Americans should be taught to take PRIDE in our Great Country, and if you don’t, there’s nothing in it for you!”

Pride in the US involves actively prohibiting and denying the effects of slavery and segregation? So much, that any alternative leads right to departure?

So what does that leave? Rah rah jingoism, manifest destiny, and vague-angry assertions of specialness?

Seems like the short route to mistakes repeated.


Exactly, this EO is aimed directly at the White Supremacy wing on the Trump supporters.

“Don’t worry guys, you will never have to learn about your racist history”

At this crazy time in our nation’s history, where so many who contribute little, have so much time to whine and that gets amplified by the enemy of the people MSM, who portray this craziness as the current will of the people, it’s great to have a President who directly addresses this corrupt insanity.


How does this relate to teaching of US history… including our bad parts?

It makes ‘patriots’ happy, I guess. That’s always a red flag.

Patriots are bad for a body politic. They’re not good at being citizens. Polities need citizens. They choke on an excess of patriots. Patriots also always seem to out themselves as zealots of an authoritarian disposition

What bad part…slavery? It’s been addressed…directly…and hundreds of thousands died to end it. Guess what color skin pigmentation the majority of those that died were? Teach that, along with the other hurdles “we” have overcome.


This is awesome, end the brain washing and bring back manufacturing. Definitely making America great again!

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Slavery is an outcome of white supremacy. So was Jim Crow. So was the War on Drugs. White supremacy is the disease.

People need to learn about the history of white supremacy And how it can be combatted

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They were teaching it at West Point.

Way to demonstrate you have no business teaching anyone history. The black community and its leaders asked for the war on drugs and even claimed whites weren’t tough enough on drugs because they weren’t ruining their children and communities.


Now…welcome to 2020 and all that you’ve mentioned happened decades and decades ago.

Keep your penis in your pants, unless you’re willing to make the sacrifice of love for those you bring into the world is the best advice to solve what ever problem you believe exists today. That’s what needs to be taught.

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Show me the training, any training. Seriously.

I want to see what was so bad that it needed to take someone’s time to write an EO for it.

Otherwise he might as well wrote an EO banning aliens from holding office. You know, just in case.

Reflexively defending something they don’t even understand. Amazing how well propaganda works.

They didn’t ask to have users put in jail for possessing 5g of crack. Cocaine was not treated like crack. Both damaging but one was used by mostly black people and the other by mostly white people.

The greater question - is this type of training actually helping race relations? Judging by a Gallup, we’re worse off than ever now and on a steady decline. If it’s this divisive, it’s failing in its stated intent.

This is the premise of this thread.

There isn’t even an example of this training and people are here cheering for the EO.