PS5 or XBOX-X or S

My kid would like that. He’s got a bunch of infinity characters. The 360 can’t keep up with the game board loading anymore. We still play halo on it, though.

The switch is pretty awesome for its size.

I don’t think you’ll regret it

And it’s portable.

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So it looks like game pass is $15/month. Worth it?

I ask because I’m already on ps+ and I’m not really seeing the value. Admittedly, I’m probably missing something.

I don’t have it. I don’t play that many games, mostly sports.

So I got EA subscription for $30/year which, IMO, is super reasonable. You get access to EA’s library of games , many free downloads plus whenever a new sports games is out (for me, Madden and FIFA are of importance) you get early access and 10 hour free trial after which option to buy at discount - or wait until end of the sports season (in case of Madden, right after the Super Bowl) and download for free, play as much as you want.

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I have the game pass for PC its great, but it depends on how long he plays through a game

Between the 3 it just depends on what kind of games your kid is into.

If he likes Halo go with the Xbox-X, my son and his buddies are into Fortnite we have a PS5 but he also has my old PC so he switches between the two.

Pardon my ignorance of GamePass and PS+, but a question.

If you have a subscription do games roll on/roll off on a periodic basis? (Monthly?)

Once you start a game can it just role out from underneath you and made not be available?

Or are big titles on there permanently?


Yeah, I saw it included EA games and I like that. Can you still play ncaa football online?

Game pass its a static library, is my understanding

For PS+ titles will rotate monthly which need to be DL’d for that month and they are available so long as you have the PS+ subscription active.

Difference between the two is that the PS+ games are usually older titles, while Game Pass has new titles on launch


I’ve only had it for a couple of months, so I can’t really answer that. I think big games roll in and out with a stable of older games to choose from. It’s kind of clunky, but they just rebooted it when I purchased a subscription.

Which would explain why it’s cheaper, I guess.

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The Multiplayer on Halo Infinite is free to play, its the campaign that you have to buy or game pass.

I haven’t played NCAA but would say probably yes because the games that are free are fully functional. As long as NCAA is in EA library, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do it online.

First party titles are permanent. Everything else can roll out, though it’s not monthly. Titles tend to stay at least 6months.

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Best platform is the one most his friends are on. That way he can play with his buds.

Though the Xbox game pass is a fantastic value.


Gamepass is a lot like Netflix.

Titles published by Microsoft are on there forever.

Third party titles are subject to the licensing agreement. Some stay for years, others for a few months.

All Microsoft published games debut Day One on Gamepass. That’s probably it’s greatest strength, since you don’t have to wait for sales if your an economically minded gamer like I am. I very rarely buy games at launch due to them being busted before patches and I like to save money; I typically buy games at 30 to 40 dollars, which usually happens after just six months. I maintain a backlog so that keeps me busy until the new games drop price.

PS Plus Essential gives you three to four games per month on a monthly rotating basis. Once you claim the game it’s in your library forever so long as your PS Plus membership is active. I can redownload games like Resogun I claimed back in 2014 for PS4 on my PS5. But you have to claim them during their month in rotation. I’ve been using the PS Plus claim system since it was introduced in 2011 on PS3 so I have an insane amount of claimed games. Sony has gotten a ton of money out of me over the past decade.

PS Plus Extra (which I have now) not only has the Essential games but also gives you access to an entire library of games at no extra cost. It’s Sony’s new program to compete with Gamepass to an extent. It currently has about 700 games on it. Some games are available forever (I don’t see games like Returnal or Miles Morales ever leaving the service) but most Third Party titles are on licensing agreements that can end at any time, although so far none have left. Unlike the Essentials titles, you don’t claim these to your personal library. You have access to them for as long as they are on the PS Plus Extra. Once they leave the PS Extra library you can’t play them anymore.

What it has done for me (and I suspect Gamepass has done for many other people) is give me a way to affordable play games I otherwise would never buy. I’m a picky gamer for the most part, even though I play a variety of genres. But Extra has gotten me to step out of my comfort zone and play games I would normally never play, like Guardians of the Galaxy which I ended up really enjoying.

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I just snagged a PS5 and have had Series X since a few months after launch.

Both are excellent and you cannot go wrong with either one. If you are wanting multiplayer find out what console your mates play on. Not all games have cross play and Sony has been reluctant to embrace that.

You would be hard pressed to build a PC with the same specs as either console for the same price.

Gamepass is far superior to what Sony has just relaunched plus with all their acquisitions such as Activision and Bethesda you get games from those publishers day one on gamepass.

I do MS rewards which pays for my Gamepass sub and I have 3 years membership stacked. PS has nothing equivalent at this time but they are launching a rewards program soon.

There is also the Steamdeck to consider. Just launched by Steam its basically a handheld for PC games.

However all three are still a bit difficult to get hold of but its not like it was a year ago. You might atill have to do some leg work. Its unlikely this year you will be able to just walk into any store and have a choice of consoles.

Dont get the Series S, developers are finding it challenging to get games onto it because its a slightly lower spec. However a recent firmware update has released some more memory, not a lot but so far devs have responded positively.

That’s why I’m looking now. Forget about it after October. Good info, thanks.