PS5 or XBOX-X or S

This isn’t pc vs console. Just want to know y’all’s preference. Who’s got the best console? Christmas is right around the corner. I don’t want to wait and come up bare.

I’m on the fence about this. I have a PS4 and Sony has a lot of exclusives… but Microsoft has been buying up a lot of studios. Like there are several upcoming Bethesda games I’m interested in, but now they’ll be exclusive to Xbox. So I think it the end it comes down to software over hardware.

Between the X and the S… if you can afford it, I tend to think its best to go for the more powerful system so that you are a little more futureproof.

I have the XBOX S, and I have no major complaints other than the hard drive size. I would have bought the X, if I’d been able to find one for sale.

Full disclosure, this is for a ten year old. I get a slightly used PS4 from the upgrade.

Hmm, I dunno. My 11 year old mostly ignores our consoles and plays Roblox and Minecraft on her laptop. Is this a surprise, or can you ask them questions to see what games they are mostly interested in single player vs multiplayer, that sort of stuff?

I own a PS5 Disc model.

I love it but I’m also a long term PlayStation fan. I’ve owned every PlayStation hardware platform with the exception of the Vita. So that does probably make me a bit biased.

The choice between the Xbox Series and the PS5 really depends on what kind of games you like to play. If you like Sony’s big AAA titles like Spider-Man and God of War, the PlayStation is the way to go if you’re unwilling to wait several years for them to get ported to PC. You also get access to all multiplatform games. The downside is that Sony’s subscription services are new; I have PS Plus Extra and while it is good, it doesn’t hold a candle to Gamepass yet. There’s no day one releases outside of indie titles.

From Microsoft’s side, they’re in the process of rebuilding their first party studios and getting Bethesda and Activision settled in as exclusive developers, although I suspect most Activision titles will remain multiplatform but you will get them on Gamepass day one. In a few years these investments will pay off and the Xbox platform will be swamped in exclusives. And then there’s Gamepass.

The only real downside to the Xbox is that every first party game comes day and date to PC. So you could just build a gaming rig instead and not only get access to Microsoft’s offerings, but also the amazing library of titles on Steam, GOG, etc.

So my recommendation is that if money is no object, build a good gaming PC. If money is somewhat of an object and you like Sony’s 1st party offerings, then get the PS5. If you don’t care for Sony’s first party games, go with an Xbox Series X with a Gamepass subscription.

Ah this is for a ten year old?

Get a Series S or build a low end gaming PC. Either one would serve them well.

He already has the PS4. Still does Roblox and others from time to time, but the console games are what he likes.

Good info. I’ll take a minute to digest and see if I recognize any of these terms.

Memory has become an issue with several electronics we’ve purchased. I bought a chrome book pc that’s basically unusable now. Apps take up the remaining memory the OS doesn’t. If I go Xbox, I’m getting the terabyte.

Terabyte (I understand the size reference), but is that a SSD or HD?

To me that would be an important factor since it has a huge impact on load times.

(Sorry not a console person. I run games on PC.)


SSD is what it says.





Been with Xbox since the 360 generation and saw no reason to switch so got the Series X

I have an old 360 as well. Question, are the infinity series games compatible with the X?

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Not sure what infinity series games are but Xbox Series X has very good backwards compatibility; in fact I was able to replay my old Max Payne 3 for the first time in ages - I got rid of my 360 when I got Xbox One and could not play MP3 on One.

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Same here.

That’s the only reason I haven’t built another PC. For now my PS5 and my Switch handle all of my gaming needs.

Hell I’ve got a massive back log between the two right now because I just don’t have the time lol.

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This is what I did and in less than two years, I’ve collected more games on my PC than I ever had on any one console. The Switch is for the kids. There have been several Steam games ported to Switch this year, like Portal Companion Collection, Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, etc…