Protesters Outside Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s Home

I wonder if any of the neighbors called the cops. What if this had turned violent? Do we really want to go after people we have political disagreements with in their homes?

The media inspired frenzied mobs will turn violent, you can count on that. dimocrats are so filled with hate and rage that they can’t see straight.

I’m sure the media and their hate group sycophants will once again escape the blame as they did with james hodgkinson.

This is really “peaceful protest” searching and bringing the protestors near the woman’s home. Disgusting!

Get a Parade Permit and take it elsewhere!

May have been a bunch of Orioles fans that rather than cheer on a crappy team, they decided to boo a crappy person.

WOMP WOMP. Read up on the 1760s. This nation has gotten so soft.

Are you suggesting we have armed rebellion against the government?

The idiots who try to get under my skin with digs at the Orioles are hilarious. I’m not a fair weather fan. I’ve been an Orioles fan for nearly 40 years now, and believe me, there were some very lean years during that period.

This year’s team is a miserable failure, but you know what? I just drove over 600 miles this weekend to see them play the Braves in their new stadium. I stayed 15 innings until after 1 am while many local Braves fans kept streaming towards the exits. We won. It was AWESOME!!!

On the old forum I would do occasional searches for the word “Orioles”, I think the count was up over 100 at one point. In other words, there were over 100 times that idiots had nothing else and I knew I got the best of them.

Please keep it up.

Most of those protests were peaceful yet much meaner than what you’re crying about in this thread. People were outside her home protesting, whats so shocking about that? When has that ever been off limits, except in our modern weakness?

I have no problem with people protesting when someone is out in public, but I disagree wholeheartedly with going to someone’s home.

Strange, your post is filled with hate and rage and yet you complain about hate and rage.

Go Orioles!

I am in fact filled with hate and rage at what Trump and his team are doing to this country. That is correct.


Just don’t go all hodgkinson.

Or bill ayers for that matter.

If it bothered you enough to do a search then it obviously got under your skin


Not crying. Just discussing a current event. Why did you read it to yourself in a voice that you think is crying?

It wasn’t just her home. How were het neighbors affected by it?

When is the last time organized protests happened outside a government official’s home?

In what way am I advocating abridging the protesters free speech rights? Is her home the only place they can voice their opposition?

Have liberal protests ever turned into violent riots with massive destruction and collateral damage to private property in the last 18 months?

This is the new norm…no use opposing it, just return the favor.

They might want to be careful with her.

Do you think CassandraJoe would welcome people protesting him/her outside of his/her house?