Prostitution Anyone?

I just saw on Sean’s show a man asking Bernie Sanders what he would do about legalizing sex workers. Bernie replied he would do everything he could to legalize sex workers and to see that they were given the respect they deserve too. Some questions come to mind: Is Bernie serious here or is the political prostitute just pandering to prostitutes? Does anyone think this is a good thing? And finally, since Bernie is such a proponent of promising free stuff for votes, will he soon be promising free sex too? That might be the only thing that would give him a chance of beating Trump…

Sounds like the libertarians should vote for him

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I bet Bernie would be so proud if his daughter was a sex worker.

Isn’t the Nevada primary next week? :thinking:

Yes this is a good thing.

Well what daddy wouldn’t be??

Prostitution shouldn’t be illegal.

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Yes, this is a good thing.

I understand the theory behind that statement, but I believe the damage to society legalization would cause necessitates it remain illegal.

That is an authoritarian collectivist position.

I’ve lived in several countries in which prostitution is legal. It doesn’t harm society one bit.

I’d bet a lot of wives would disagree…

You would be incorrect.

I doubt it. Although maybe I should say ex wives. And perhaps add aborted children and doctors.

No, he said he’s looking into it but wants to talk to a lot of people before supporting it.

Great job of playing both sides.

True. I did forget to add his disclaimer. But since it isn’t going to happen anytime soon I didn’t see the need. Just demonstrates politicians will say anything to get votes.

That’s not how it works. It’s a business.

Just making sure we’re perfectly accurate so as to avoid a certain member berating you endlessly over it.

If I remember correctly he did say he was very pro sex worker personally but waiting for input from others.

Nothing like having to straddle the razor’s edge. :smile:

Except that prostitution is only illegal when money is the currency.

Incorrect. It’s only illegal if there is a verbal contract clearly stated and the money is paid before the service is rendered.

Well by definition it isn’t prostitution unless one is offering sex for hire.