Property Taxes in Texas

Texas has property taxes!!??

Right. Don’t need it.

Yeah, pretty stiff ones.

Are you telling me that the volunteer fire department’s equipment and station is not funded by tax money?

Do they use buckets?

Like was pointed out by someone else, if young people don’t have kids, why should they pay property taxes. Also, taxes go to other things besides school. And if you think you shouldn’t pay property taxes if you own your place well that just silly. By that logic no one should pay property taxes since all property/structures are owned by someone/entity. You’re normally better at arguments than this.

Good for you, you pay for them. I do mind paying for the mouth breathing Tide eaters.

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So you think that if your property taxes go down, other taxes won’t go up to maintain the current level of services?

Texas has libraries?


Buckets ain’t free either.

Oh… you just want to shake your cane and yell at a cloud.

You have a good night.

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Not totally against the idea it’s really hard being elderly on a fixed income these days, People that have owned their own home for a very long time already reap the benefits, but not is everyone so lucky. But maybe more like 60.

School doesn’t keep them from being stupid. Your generation can’t even cross the street for looking down.

If a family has more than 2 kids they should have to chip in extra for schools

Too bad they couldn’t get the type of “education” you got.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am not a millennial.

Really… you need to stop with the Abe Simpson act.

You act like one. What are you, Z?

You’re right. I’m smarter than you.

Tell us about the time you went to Shelbyville and tied an onion to your belt.

You betcha.