Property Taxes in Texas

I’m listening to the Texas governor debate. Property taxes came up.

I’m for not paying anymore property taxes after 50 years of age of the owner.


Like old people aren’t already catered to and pampered. They already get 10% off on Wednesdays at the grocery and Early Bird Specials at the restaurants and reduced prices at the movies. AARP discounts and Medicare for All. You know who would go along with a proposal like this? People who are over 50? Let me guess how old Sneaky is? I’ll guess over 50, amirite?


I really am curious as to a reasoning behind no property taxes for those over fifty. I don’t understand why that should be a policy localities should implement.

Kids are grown and place should be about paid for.

I passed 50 a while back darlin’ but I can still dance a fandango.

Wanting civilization without paying for its upkeep.

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So? Waiting for a rationale.

It’s weird how conservatives think they can reduce property taxes and don’t even consider any adverse effect on the community.


I don’t want your civilization.

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I gave it to you.

Like what?

Why would kids being grown up and your house paid for mean you shouldn’t pay property taxes?

The property taxes I pay… laid out over $5000 last week for the various properties I own… pay for dumb stuff like firemen, police, roads, schools, libraries, a couple of excellent museums, etc… all local concerns.

So I will stand by that you do indeed want civilization… you just don’t want to pay for the upkeep of it.


I don’t want to pay taxes for other people’s kids to go to school.
I don’t have kids. Shouldn’t I be exempt?

Most of our property taxes here go to schools.

Why should I pay taxes for the rest of my life on a place I own? That makes me a renter.

I don’t have kids and I don’t mind paying for children going to school.

A couple of reasons for this… one of them is that I am not a greedy sociopath and the other is I don’t want to b surrounded by really stupid people.


Why don’t you use your SALT deduction on your taxes… oh… yeah… never mind.

Volunteer fire department
Don’t care for the police

The road I use to get to work was built in 1948. It’s paid for. The other roads are toll roads.

No library. No museums. I’ve got Amazon Prime.

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Fair points but why are the schools they build these days like Taj Mahal? How about something cheaper/