Promoting hate and division is all about establishing a narrative

:rofl: As opposed to The Hannity .Com Society of Organic Intellectuals?

Where the website for the Neithers?

are these the ones leading their kids to think they are the opposite gender?

Or can be

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better put - right

Riley Gaines is a swimmer who was recently forced to compete with and share a locker room with a man named Will Thomas pretending to be a women. She recently spoke at a college in San Francisco where she was physically assaulted …

You wanna talk about the man pretending to be a woman who just shot up a school, or maybe the dude that strolled into a locker room with a bunch of girls in their swimsuits showering after PE pronounced “I’m trans” and then got naked and jumped in the shower with those girls…

Trans people (adults they need to stop pushing this crap on our kids) made a decision. And that’s their right it’s a free country…but the rest of us have a right to set some boundaries about particularly men pretending to be women who are biologically and physically very much male are able to do when it infringes on the rights of actual women.


Stop enabling it.

Do you really believe 25% of US teens suddenly came to the conclusion they are LGBTQSUPERCALIFRAGILISTEXPEALIDOCIOUS all on their own?


And there it is. Why does Will Thomas have more of a right to be happy than Riley Gaines?


beautiful. beats “LGBTQWERTY”

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More like supportive of or enabling of.

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The Chief Financial Officer of the private Christian high school in Atlanta would be all over this forum if it were really about the children.

Why? Did he chemically castrate or mutilate a child?

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What an odd post

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Or police chief Larry Allen Clay. You know, the ones doing the pedophiling.

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Or the West Virginia State Police and their coordinated sexual assaults of minors.

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Texas police officer just arrested for trying to get the babysitter high :face_vomiting:

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This week:

“Investigators discovered photos of nude children, estimated to be as young as 8, in an email account they said was associated with South Dakota billionaire T. Denny Sanford, according to previously sealed records released Thursday.”

But let’s point fingers “over there”


Is anybody D⁶ing them?

Lock him up!

Care to answer @LucyLou ?