Promoting hate and division is all about establishing a narrative

Could anyone tell me which Republican politician is “attacking” trans people?

So anyone who opposes modern Left wing critprog ideology is just simply evil, right?

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There’s a list.

A lot of people are on it.

Someone who owned it mysteriously, “killed himself” in prison two days after proclaiming that he was not suicidal, “in case something happens.”

This list happens to be the most secure document in federal custody right now.

There’s a lot of blackmail in DC right now and we’re watching it.



:joy: there are examples right in your link.

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there are 0 examples of any republicans attacking transies in that article

epstein bird


Now the argument over “attack”


Here are a couple of paragraphs from the link.

“ The poll found that 57 percent of respondents said the attacks are a major problem, while 26 percent said they are a minor problem. Only 15 percent said they were not a problem, while 3 percent said they were unsure.

The results come as numerous states have approved legislation targeting the rights of LGBTQ individuals.

Republican members of the Kansas state legislature voted on Thursday to override a veto from Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly on a transgender bathroom bill. The legislation defines sex as an “individual’s biological sex, either male or female, at birth.”

The law, once it goes into effect on July 1, will apply to school restrooms, locker rooms, prisons and domestic violence shelters.”

So in other words….a law keeping men out of the ladies room and the women’s locker room. I could just as easily have written that story saying “the results come as numerous states have passed laws recognizing the rights in women in sports and in public facilities…”

There are no attacks on trans rights here. There is a recognition going on that while there are individuals who have chosen to alter their gender, they are still biologically male or female, and that the overwhelming majority of us who are living our lives in the bodies we were blessed with have rights as well.

I wonder…are the misinformed (and possibly non existent 57%) the same people who falsely believe white cops kill 1000 black men a year?


no argument. just delusion

exactly! all pure narrative crap for the msnbc watchers


The aggressive stance against non-straight Americans and their right to live a free and happy life is the cruel point. The cheering as you send the government after them. The casual insults and the finger pointing at anyone but the actual people doing the grooming and perverting and pedoing.


yeah i bet no one hacks or leaks that

idnt that amazing

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where is this going on?

and who exactly would that be?

Whence this “right”?

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Maybe. But before the whinefest gets really rolling, remember that your team frequently and gleefully says we on the left are all groomers and pedophiles.

And the usual crew will do it right here and then wonder where it’s happening. Any of the majority of Americans in that poll who would stop in to this website would see it clear as day.


look who just kicked off the whinefest with whining

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give her a minute she’s searching through my posts….

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There are websites and social media sites that document the arrests of men (and the occasional woman) doing the grooming and sexual assaulting of children.