Project veritas goes down in flames again

Anything to avoid rejecting the narrative.

James “Sex Toy Boat” O’Keefe is unimpeachable.

What evil ■■■■■■■■ these Veritas folks are, taking advantage of a guy that, frankly, doesn’t seem all that bright.


Was it even legal for them to record the interrogation without the feds knowledge? They just…tweeted it out!

my hope…is that it was a reenactment of the interrogation. Please. Please let this be true.

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They planned it like this.

If it is i am so donating to them.

I mean good theater and all deserves payment

Mail cops got Bannon… never forget that.


Veritas is usually right on the money. Libs can’t (or refuse to) handle the truth.

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GoFundMe–Support Richard Hopkins, organized by Richard Hopkins. Oops, it’s already gone!

That dude is totally going to jail.

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Oh cool. A new political prisoner!

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Never on the money.

Fixed that for you.

The night keeps getting worse and worse for Sex Toy Boat James.

Abbie Boudreau isn’t ever going to date him now.


Parody post?

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There’s a difference between “on the money” and “feeding bias”. Veritas is the latter, not an honest group.

They sure love their WAPO


So far great for Democrats.


Current electoral votes 233-232

It will change drastically as the TRUTH comes out.


And if it doesn’t change?

Believing in this fake map will cause more hurt for ballot truethers in the end. Sad.