Project veritas goes down in flames again

their big expose on ballot fraud in erie pa???

turns out their “witness” recanted when confronted by the postal inspector.
I wonder who gets the 130k that was scammed out of willing trump sheep


womp womp.

so, how many Trump lawsuits and accusations have been proven to be false now?


Hopefully Rudy and the Four Seasons will delve into how the Deep State coerced a retraction from this guy.

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That’s a WAPO fake news, lie

So Hopkins didn’t recant?

You know this how?

What a load of jerks (Project Veritas). Have they ever been right?

You don’t mess with the Postal Inspectors.

Here ya go from the rigihtie, Moonie news.

still has Washington in the name.


Not a lie. It’s time to drop the canned response and accept what’s happening.


Local news checking in.

He can recant but it will be forever the truth to some.

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Brand new …recording of Hopkins being harassed

I thought Straws were banned, because leftist keep grasping for them.

That’s the sad part; deny reality to defend Trump. He is a godhead who has them programmed.


That is a normal interrogation.

But you bought Sex Toy Boat James’ spiel hook, line and sinker.

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I suppose since it was a perceived help to Trump the liar was supposed to be treated like a hero.

So…is this guy saying that he lied to federal investigators? Does he think that’s going to go well for him?

How does one think lying to federal investigators should go?

I’m not convinced this guy is thinking that much at all. And if he’s relying on James O’Keefe of all people to steer him through this, he’s going to end up in federal prison.

I would feel pity for him but OKeefe’s failures are well known. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me a dozen times, then it’s your fault.