Pro-Trump Disabled Vet Threatened With Criminal Prosecution For Confronting Terrorist Apologist On Campus

I’m posting this here because I’ve done everything I can to get someone to cover what happened to me at school and nobody seems to see anything I post.

I don’t know if I’m ghost-banned from Twitter and Facebook, but I hear from people all the time that they don’t see the stuff I post.

What you read in the title is absolutely 100% correct.

If anybody on Mr. Hannity’s staff sees this, all I’m asking is that you look at this description of what happened and decide for yourself whether or not this is newsworthy.

Yes, what happened to me was not fair. And I know that. Life isn’t fair. I don’t expect it to be.

But the person I’m worried about is the Private First Class or Specialist or Lance Corporal who leaves active duty to use his GI Bill and doesn’t have the where-with-all or support structure to survive being railroaded.


I hope someone sees this.

Here’s my story:

instead of coming here and crying about it how about you contact your local VA outreach center… but im sure there is more to this story that you dont want to disclose…

Yeah. You obviously have no idea how that system works. And you haven’t watched the video.

And, if you’d ALSO have watched the video you’d know I included a link to EVERYTHING that proves this story is 100% transparently true.

Just a quick reminder: Donald Trump is still your president. And we’re gonna win again in 2018 AND 2020.

Have a Blessed Day!

#RedWaveRising2018 #MAGA2020

lolol dude i am a disabled vet… but please continue

Oh. Ok. Sweet.

Thanks for having my back bro. You’re a credit to your service and your nation.

Hey, you mind posting a link to the VA Outreach Center that handles corruption and discrimination against conservatives in education?

Because the last time I checked that was outside their purview.

Also, since you’re an expert, if you’ve got a number or an email to someone at BigVA that will hook me up with a lawyer that’d be great.

They usually just tell me to fill out the financial statement and hope for the best…

lololol you think the VA gives a damn about your political affiliation? How about you check your MAGA hat at the door and get some help. No ones wants politics thrown in their face trying to provide healthcare… you may need to dial it back… good luck

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You’re not making any sense bud. The GI Bill is for education. Not healthcare.

Get some help. It’s a little too early in the day to be drinking.

you are the one crying… im telling you dial back your partisan hackery and contact the VA outreach center if you have a legitimate complaint they stole your money…

That’s not how VA Outreach Centers work, troll. WROOOOOOONG

Haha. You’ve been on this forum about 20 minutes longer than I have.


Sean Hannity does not typically scour this board for topic ideas, (if that’s what you are hoping), but I do wish you well.

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Thanks. Seems like a lively little corner of the internet. I might stick around.

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What “campus” did this allegedly happen on?

Was it a college “campus”?

This alleged “terrorist apologist” were they a student somewhere?

Are you a student?

Who or what authorities were involved in this “confrontation” you had and or initiated?

How did the “threatened criminal prosecution” come about?

What led you to confront this alleged “terrorist apologist”?

More information please?


We see your true colors shining through.

A lot of people can’t watch videos at work, where we’re ■■■■■■■ off instead of working.

Can you give a neutral rundown of what happened?

One good thing i dig about this joint is how fast trolls get discovered.


Invest in good raincoat…libs are extremely messy.

This is what all Republicans are like now. This person is not an extremist. He is the norm.

Yeah, but you like it, you love it, you can’t get enough of it!