Pro Palestine Protests

I was thinking, do all these pro Palestinian protestors support the positions of Palestine?

Where are the signs that proudly proclaim “We love Palestine!!! Throw homosexuals from the rooftops!!!”


These are college-educated people, from the best universities America has to offer.

Let that marinate for a while. :rofl:


Biden condemn those who don’t support Hamas and Palestinians cause.

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From the river to the sea- we need Muslim tyranny!!!


Go watch the MSM video piece on youtube featuring these selfsame masters of the universe signing petitions to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

Smart they ain’t. :rofl:

well, you know, dihydrogen monoxide is the leading cause of death by drowning… drain the oceans now… wait…

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Probably not.

The ones of Islamic background probably do support most of the Palestinian goals.

Saying there should only be one state in what used to be called 1948 Palestine is not controversial in the Muslim world.

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This is why I’ll never take Pro-Hamas supporters seriously. They despise all things conservative, yet they openly cheer and set themselves on fire to support the most oppressive theocratic ideology on the planet.


It demonstrates that educated people can convince themselves of just about anything.


Blame the schools. They have the power to have non students removed from campus and students violating the conduct code, (every school has one), tell them to pack up their ■■■■ and GTFOH.
Faculty participating need to be put on unpaid leave of absence.
These hallowed halls of higher education have more power than they have the balls to exert.


They are not enrolling the bests at the best universities. Lots of legacy inbreeding (alumnus offsprings) , donor class and virtue signaling.

Hitler Youth, 2024 version.


They’re selling t shirts

For real.

It’s insane. These people are supposed to be socialist. Yet they hate one of the only states ever founded on socialist ideals and principles and was founded by socialists. It’s utter stupidity.

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When the liberal world eats itself. That’s what these idiots are.

What’s ironic is that there is literally nothing more retrograde and “conservative” than the lunatic Palestinian Muslims. Any left wing belief or advancement is seen as the world’s worst sin. Yet these college educated atheists take it seriously. Marx is rolling over in his grave. Engels probably is too.

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At one time, immigrants assimilated into the American culture…that’s why they came. Now…it’s simply a small version of what they left behind set up here in the US.


There is a misunderstanding here that permeates the discussion. It’s not just socialism. It’s anti colonialism and anti oppression. Those things are born out of ignorance of what is actually happening.

It’s binary and it’s stupid on behalf of the protestors but the socialism here is not what’s relevant to them.

We have seen during the safe space and trigger warning fiascos that were all the rage before covid. There is a portion of this generation that is binary in its world view but from the left side. That’s so very weird to me.